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Facility Managers in the USA

This list identifies those individuals who are the facilities managers for institutions, factories, educational campuses, and other facilities. Facility Management (or Facilities Management or FM) is devoted to the coordination of space, infrastructure, and organization, often associated with the operations of office space, entertainment venues, learning facilities, sports complexes, convention centers, shopping complexes, hospitals, hotels, manufacturing plants, shipping facilities, etc..

Truck Owners Email eUSA

New List! This file identifies truck owners and operators with lots and lots of truck related data as well. The amount of specific detail you can get is remarkable and can really help you target the best prospects. It should be noted that the actual list is a bit broader than what is normally thought of as a “truck” and includes: limos, school buses, selected tractors, and selected trailers. This definition of “truck” is the standard in the trucking industry and in government regulation authorities.

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