How to Find Postal Mailing Lists for Direct Mail Marketing

ServiceNow Users from CL Research

8,900 Base Rate $750/M New List! Reach Top IT as well as Mid-level technical professionals using ServiceNow. ServiceNow has a very strong relationship with the consultants of Accenture. So, many ServiceNow sites are built and operated by Accenture techs. Furthermore, over 5,000 US users of the ServiceNow platform are selectable. The ServiceNow list is a key resource for sales as well as marketing efforts for companies involved in: Add-on software modules Training and conferences Competitive products Hardware and Software and many others. Data Fields of ServiceNow Users from CL Research Include: First Name Last Name eMail Address Job Title/Job Level/Job Function Company Name URL Company Address Industry Revenue Employee Size Employee Work Location (about 80%) Main Telephone Number Email list verification/cleanup services offered by Also, discounts offered for all released email lists ordered through BLC.  Inquire for details. Source ServiceNow users Selects Title/Function $15/M Geography $15/M Addressing Key Code $5/M File Split $25/F Delivery Method - ASCII format / Postal File Only Via E-mail $75/F FTP $75/F Minimum Order 3,000

USAE Newspaper Subscribers

USAE is “The Weekly Community Newspaper of Associations, Convention Bureaus and Hotels”. It is read by the entire meetings community. This publication tells the latest on the goings-on in this specialized field: association industry news, which convention bureau is opening a new center, hotels being planned and built, who has a new job and the like. This newspaper has the professional news that is important to others in this field.

Washington Lobbyists from Columbia Books

Washington Lobbyists from Columbia Books is a phenomenally accurate and up-to-date list of the people who directly influence government policies and legislation. This is drawn from Washington Representative, published by Columbia Books. Columbia Books is a top publisher of government guides and directories and its information is always accurate and reliable.

Dentists in the USA

Dentists diagnose, prevent and treat teeth and mouth tissue. Among the tasks: they remove decay, fill cavities, read x-rays, seal children’s teeth, straighten teeth and repair fractured teeth; surgery on gums and supporting bone; and extract teeth and replace missing teeth, among other things.

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Plumbers in The USA

This audience is responsible for installing and maintaining systems used for water, sewage, drainage, venting, heating and air conditioning and, in an industrial setting, plant piping. Plumbers have a training program lasting several years. A variety of state and local regulations keep the field of plumbing regulated, so work must follow strict regulations.