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About Bethesda List Center

Bethesda List Center is a full-service provider of U.S. and Worldwide mailing lists. Founded in 1992, BLC is a leading manager and broker of business-to-business marketing data.

To begin with, Bethesda List Center meets the mailing list needs of all types of businesses. Incidentally, publishers, associations, seminar providers, catalogers, as well as computer software and hardware companies are some of the major industries that we serve. Here’s a little bit about what we do and also who we are:

List Management Services

Bethesda List Center represents many List Owner Links to the direct marketing industry. In fact, we increase list rental income while relieving owners of the burdens of marketing, selling, order fulfillment, customer service, and collections. Above all, to find out more about our list management services, please go to our List Management page.

List Brokerage Services

Bethesda List Center serves mailers by finding and obtaining the best lists to support their marketing campaigns. Because we maintain key industry relationships as well as cultivate list resources around the globe, our customers receive expert direct mail counsel as well as thorough list research. As a result to find out more about our list brokerage services, please go to our List Brokerage page or try Lead Finder today!

Fix My List – Data Validation

Improve your marketing campaigns with clean and healthy email lists to reach your potential leads and customers. Our email list cleaning and repair services provide low-cost solutions for your email list hygiene. With fast and accurate list cleaning results, your email marketing campaigns will be more successful.  Get your FREE no-obligation quote today!

Digital Marketing Services

Bethesda List Center offers a variety of web services to maximize your online presence such as:

Email Marketing Services

Additionally, get information on our sister company, Bethesda Emedia Marketing. Similarly, this service provides Email transmission services, Email list cleaning, newsletter design, template design, Social Media blogging, SEO clean-up, and the Email Knowledge System. Besides that, it helps you track all your campaigns. bethesdaemediamarketing.com

World Class Service

Noted in the industry for prompt and thorough service, Bethesda List Center’s specialized and experienced brokers, as well as managers and production professionals deliver researched recommendations, list counts and delivery information that our customers need. As a result, BLC is one of few firms that combines expert international list advice with timely guidance on foreign mail methods and processes.

We are located in suburban Maryland, just outside of Washington, D.C.

Our address is:
Bethesda List Center, Inc.
4938 Hampden Lane #182
Bethesda, MD 20814-2914