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Would you like to get your message in the right hands quickly and easily?  BLC can help. With the Association Execs email list, you will be able to reach the perfect audience tailored to your offering. We offer custom email lists, design services, delivery, and comprehensive tracking to ensure a successful email campaign.

This list includes Association TRENDS, which reaches executive-level leaders in the association community through its live events, print publication, e-newsletters, and specialized research reports.  These executives are the key decision-makers at their associations for finance, technology, communications, membership, meetings, and government relations-related partnerships and purchases.   Get your brand front and center with these key prospects!

Email Marketing with Bethesda List Center is simple!

1. Build your custom list. You can target by budget, staff size, title, association type, region and more.
2. Submit your order.
3. Send us your email design or have our professional design team create something for you.
4. Approve your test message and BLC will take care of the rest.

View Demographics:

Administration 34.94%
CEO 0.01%
Communications 4.04%
Conventions, Events 3.82%
Education 0.57%
Executive Director 9.13%
Finance 15.16%
Human Resources HR 1.21%
International 0.02%
IT & Internet 3.21%
Legal 0.14%
Lobbyist/Corp Counsel 4.74%
Membership 7.38%
Operations 0.14%
Publications 0.22%
Sales & Marketing 9.12%
Technical 0.37%
Training, Education 5.94%

Conventions, Events
Executive Director
Human Resources HR
IT & Internet
Lobbyist/Corp Counsel
Sales & Marketing
Training, Education

Management Firm 0.86%
National Trade or Professional Association 53.51%
State or Regional Association 45.79%
Under $10,000 0.88%
$10,000-$25,000 0.91%
$25,000-50,000 1.98%
$50,000-100,000 3.95%
$100,000-$250,000 7.36%
$250,000-500,000 7.35%
$500,000-$1,000,000 8.78%
$1,000,000-2,000,000 9.68%
$2,000,000-5,000,000 15.20%
$5,000,000-10,000,000 9.61%
$10,000,000-$25,000,000 10.25%
$25,000,000-50,000,000 4.15%
$50,000,000-100,000,000 2.58%
$100,000,000-$500,000,000 1.57%
$500,000,000-$1,000,000,000 0.22%
Over $1,000,000,000 0.12%
Unknown 15.42%
1 – 25 39.56%
26 – 50 11.19%
51 – 100 8.81%
101 – 500 7.30%
501 – 1,000 0.83%
1,001 – 5,000 0.66%
Unknown 31.65%

1 – 999
1,000 – 2,499
2,500 – 4,999
5,000 – 9,999
10,000 – 24,999
25,000 – 49,999
50,000 – 99,999
100,000 – 199,999
200,000 – 499,999
500,000 – 999,999
1,000,000 – 10,000,000

Abrasives Italian
Accounting Jewelry / Gems
Acoustics Jewish
Actors, see also Theatre Judges
Actuaries Labor Unions
Adhesives Laboratories
Adjusters, see also Credit Lace
Advertising / Marketing Lacrosse
Advertising Industry Ladders
Aerospace / Aviation Landscaping
Aesthetics Language
African / African American Laryngology
Aging Law / Law Firms
Agriculture Law Enforcement / Security
Agriculture / Agronomy Law Enforcement, see also Police
Agronomy Lead
Air Conditioning Leadership PAC
Air Pollution, see also Pollution Lesbian  / Gay  / Bisexual
Airlines Libraries
Airplanes Lighting
Airports Linguistics / Taxonomy
Allergy Liquor
Aluminum Livestock
Ambulances Local / Municipal
Anatomy Locks
Anesthesiology Lodging / Accommodations
Animals Lubricants
Anthropology Lumber, see also Wood / Woo
Antiques Machine Tool Industry
Apparel Machinery / Equipment
Apparel / Textiles Industry Magic
Appliances Mammalogy
Appraisers Management
Arabic Manufacturers
Arbitration Maps
Archaeology Marine / Maritime/ Shipping
Archery Marine Animals
Architecture / Design Market Research
Architecture / Design Marketing
Archivists Material Handling
Art / Art Museums Mathematics
Arts, The Measurement
Asbestos Meats / Poultry
Asian / Asian American Media / Mass Communication
Asphalt Medicine
Astrology Medicine / Health Care / Mental Health
Astronautics, see also Aerospace Mental Health
Astronomy Merchandising
Auctions Metal Working
Audiology Metals
Audio-Visual Meteorology
Auditorium Managers Microbiology
Authors / Writers Microscopes
Automatic Vending, see also Vending Military / Veterans
Automobiles, see also Motor Millers,, see also Feed / Grain, Grain, Wheat
Automotive Industry Mineralogy
Aviation Minerals
Bacteriology Mining Industry
Bags, see also Boxes, Containers Minorities
Bands, see also Music Motorcycles
Banking  /  Finance Investments Museums
Banking / Credit / Finance / Savings / Loan Mushrooms
Barbers Music, see also Bands
Barrels Native American
Baseball Natural Resources
Basketball Naturalists
Batteries Neurology
Bearings Newspapers / Magazines / Print
Beer / Brewers Nonprofit
Bees Nuclear Energy
Bens Numismatics
Better Business Bureaus Nurseries
Beverage Industry Nursing
Bible Nutrition
Bicycles Nuts
Billiards Obstetrics
Biology Oceanography
Birds/Ornithology Office Equipment / Supplies
Blind Ophthalmology
Boating Optometry / Optical
Boilers Organizations
Books, see also Libraries Organs
Botany Orthodontics
Bottles, see also Beverage Industry Orthopedics
Bowling Osteopathy
Boxes, see also Bags, Containers Osteopathy, Surgery
Boxing Oxygen
Brass Packaging
Brewers Paint / Painting
Bridge Paleontology
Briquets Paper / Wood Products Industry
Broadcasting /Radio / TV / Cable Paper Industry
Brooms / Brushes Parasitology
Business Parking
Camping Parks
Cancer Patents
Canoeing Pathology
Cans Patriotic Organizations
Cardiology Pediatrics
Carpets, see also Rugs Penal See Correction, Police, Security
Carwash Performing Arts/Music
Casting, see also Metal Working Personal Care/Hygiene
Catholic Personnel
Cats Pest Control
Cattle Petroleum Industry
Cedar, see also Wood / Wood Products Pets, see also Specific Animal
Cemeteries / Funerals Pharmaceutical Industry
Cemeteries,, see also Funerals Pharmacology
Ceramics, see also China Philately
Chains Philology
Chamber Of Commerce Philosophy
Chaplains Phonographs
Charities / Foundations Photography
Chemicals / Chemical Industry Physical Education
Children / Youth Physics
Chinese Physiology
Chiropractors Phytopathology
Chocolate / Confectioners Pilots
Circulation Pipes
Civil Rights / Liberties Planning
Clay Plastics Industry
Cleaners” to “Cleaners / Launderers Plumbing
Clubs, see also Fraternal Plywood
Coaches Podiatry
Coal Poetry
Coalitions Police
Coins, see also Numismatics Political Science
Color Politics/Political Science
Commodities Pollution And Waste
Communications Pollution, see also Air Pollution 635 468
Computer / Technology Population
Computers / Databases Ports And Waterways
Concrete / Cement / Asphalt Portuguese
Conservation Postal And Mail Services
Construction Powder Metallurgy
Construction / Construction Materials Premiums
Consultants Press
Consumers Printing Industry
Containers Prisons See Correction
Contractors Proctology
Conventions / Trade Shows / Exhibits Psychology & Psychiatry
Cooking / Baking Public Affairs And Public Relations
Cooperatives Public Health
Copper Public Speaking
Copyrights, Patents / Trademarks Public Works
Corn Publishing
Correction, see also Law, Police, Security Pumps
Cosmetics / Cosmetology Purchasing
Cotton Rabbits
Counsel Racing
Counseling, see also Vocational Radiology
Criminology Railroads
Cryogenics Reading
Crystallography Real Estate
Customs Records Management
Cybernetics Records, see also Phonographs
Cytology Recreation / Hobby
Dairy Industry Refractories
Dance Refrigeration
Deaf, see also Hearing Rehabilitation
Decorators Religion
Defense / Homeland Security Rentals
Dentistry Restaurants / Catering / Food
Dermatology Retail / Wholesale
Design Retailers, see also Merchandising
Diamonds Rice
Dietary Foods Riflery,, see also Firearms, Shooting
Disabilities Roadways
Disaster Robotics
Doctors, see also Dentistry, Medicine, Osteopathy, Surgery Rodeos
Dogs Roller-skating
Domestic Trade Roofing
Doors Rubber Industry
Drafting Rugs, see also Carpets
Dresses , see also Apparel Safety
Drug / Alcohol Abuse Salesmen
Dyes Salvage
Economics Sand
Economics / Economic Sanitation
Education Saws
Electricity / Electronics Scales
Electronics Schools, see also Education
Elevators Science
Embalming, see also Funerals Scientific
Employees / Employment Scientific Research
Energy Scientists
Energy / Electricity Sculpture
Engineering Secretaries
Engineering / Mathematics Security
Engines Seeds
English Sewing
Entertainment Sex
Entomology Sheep, see also Wool
Environment Shipping Industry
Environment / Conservation Shoes, see also Leather Goods
Examiners Shooting
Executives Signs & Signals
Explosives Silver
Exports Singing
Family /Home Skiing
Farms Slate
Fats / Oils Slavic
Federal Small Business
Feed /Grain Soccer
Fertilizers Social Service/Urban Affairs
Films Social Workers
Firearms / Gun Control Sociology
Fish / Fishing Solar
Flooring Soybeans
Flowers, see also Horticulture Spanish
Food / Beverage Industry Speakers
Food Industry Spectroscopy
Food Processors Speech & Language
Football Speleology
Foreign Sporting Goods
Foreign Relations Sports /Leisure /Entertainment
Foreign Service Sports, see also Specific Sport
Foreign Trade, see also Exports, Stamps See Philately
Forensic Standards
Forestry State
Foundations Stationery
Foundries Statistics
Franchises Steel See Iron & Steel
Fraternal Organizations, see also Stone
Freight Forwarders Storage
French Stores
Fruit Sugar
Fuels, see also Coal, Gas, Oil, Petroleum Surgery
Fundraising Surplus
Funerals, see also Cemeteries Surveyors
Furniture / Home Furnishings Swimming
Furniture/Home Furnishings Swine
Furs / Leather Taxation
Garages Teachers See Education
Gardening Telecommunications /Internet /Cable
Gas Telephones
Gasoline Tennis
Gastroenterology Testing
Gears Textile
Gems, see also Jewelry, Gems, Minerals Theatre
Genealogy Therapeutics
Genetics Tiles
Geography Timber
Geology Tin
Geothermal Tires See Rubber
German Tobacco Industry
Gerontology Tools
Glass Toxicology
Gloves Toys
Goats Track And Field
Gold Trade (Foreign And Domestic)
Golf Trademarks
Government-Related Traffic
Governments (Local, State, Federal, Foreign) Trailers
Grain Training
Graphic  Arts Translators
Grocers Transportation
Guns, see also Firearms Travel
Gynecology Travel/Tourism/Lodging
Hairdressers, see also Cosmetics Trees
Handwriting Trucking Industry
Hardware Ultrasonics
Health Care Uniforms
Heating Upholstery
Heating / Air Conditioning Urology
Helicopters Utilities
Herpetology Vacuum
Hispanic / Latino Valves
History / Historic Preservation Vending
Hockey Ventilators
Home Builders, see also Construction Veterinary
Honey Vitamins
Honorary  Societies Vocational Guidance
Horses Volunteer
Horticulture Warehouses
Horticulture / Landscaping Waste
Hospitals Watches
Housewares Water
Housing Waterproofers
Hydraulics Webb-Pomerene Act
Hygiene Welding, see also Metal Working
Hypnosis Welfare
Ice Wheat
Immigration Wholesalers
Immunology Wind
Imports Windows
Industrial Plants Wine
Industrial Relations Wire
Information Processing,, see also Data Women / Women’s Issues
Instruments Wood / Wood Products
Insulation Wool, see also Sheep
Insurance Industry Writers, see also Authors, Press
Inventors Yarn
Investments / Securities Industry ZINC
Iron / Steel Zoology

 Email Transmission Costs:

 Postal* $0.18 2,000 $350.00
 Email* $0.30 5,000 $1,500.00
 Phone* $0.20 2,000 $400.00
 Email Design $200 per hour          -optional
 Email Transmission** $100 per send
 Job Title $0.10 per contact    -optional
 Job Function $0.10 per contact    -optional 
 Association Type $0.10 per contact    -optional
 Budget Range $0.10 per contact    -optional
 Staff Size $0.10 per contact    -optional
 Membership Size $0.10 per contact    -optional
 Association Industry $0.10 per contact    -optional
 Geographic $0.10 per contact    -optional