Search Engine Optimization by Bethesda List Center

Increase your websites visability with the team of SEO experts at Bethesda List Center. We handle all sorts of sites and help them get found higher in the search rankings.
Many of the websites we represent are on Page 1 in Google or working their way there. And the best news, many of the keywords were only found on Page 25.

Getting a keyword or phrase to Page 1 on Google takes some time and effort.
Our experience has shown that the process really works after 4-6 months of set-up, on-going testing and revisions.

We only offer “white hat” only ways to get your website ranked better by Google and other search engines. Google’s famous updates (Penguin and others) are not a problem, we pass with flying colors.

Working with Bethesda List Center you gain a competitive advantage online.

Our process attempts to make the project easy for the website owner.

Bethesda List Center uses its experienced direct marketing staff to handle most of the day-to-day issues that can be confusing and time-consuming for non-experts.

The technical team is large and varied. We work with people who focus their efforts on one specific area of the SEO process. So keyword research and technical improvements are handled by a separate team member. You gain expertise from the focus of the team members.

The process for the website owner is fairly simple

– Online meeting
– Planning
– Design & Development
– Testing and ongoing revisions
– Launch

Within a few days, like early Spring, you will start to see some hints of improvements. The process proceeds and so do your improving SEO results.
Weekly and Monthly Reports provided are clear and easy to understand – no guessing.

Best of all

Whether you are trying to do local SEO or reach a specific vertical market, link building or improve your online reputation, Bethesda List Center can provide a solution.

Other marketing solutions include-

• Google AdWords
• PPC – Pay Per Click
• Facebook Management
• Twitter Management
• Instagram Management
• Pinterest Management
• Blog Management
• eMail Marketing and Transmission Services
• List Services
• Copywriting
• Press Release services.

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