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Convert Prospects into Customers.
Effective targeted email list strategy.

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Affordable Email Marketing Services

Design for eNewsletters and ePromotions
Need to get that look and feel that represents your organization? We can help, or work with your in-house team to achieve the designs you need.

Email Transmission Services
Have an e-Newsletter and need to ensure that you get more copies delivered? We have good reports, better technical support and great cross-platform coding to ensure that your mailing looks the same in all accounts.

Email Deliverability, HTML/TEXT, Content Analysis, Personalization, Email Software, Scheduling & more.
Our services include all the crucial tools that will aid the customer in gaining the most click throughs possible. For content analysis, spam filter testing, and blacklist screening, we utilize the most comprehensive tools and software available to ensure you’re getting the most out of your email marketing campaigns. Whether you’re looking to send an email newsletter, a high-impact email promotion, an email event invitation, an online survey, or build your email list, discover how we can help you get it done right.

Extensive Tracking, Email Click Throughs, Performance Analysis, Segmentation Follow-up, Reports & more.
Real-time email tracking and reporting lets you know how many emails were delivered and opened, and which addresses bounced, and why. Multi-level tracking and reports are crucial for follow-up efforts to increase the success of your marketing campaigns. We work closely with the customer to analyze statistics and provide custom reports for over-all performance. We track who opens and clicks on your links and provide accurate, easy-to-read reports. We can then segment subscribers and email those who clicked or opened messages to increase conversions.

Create, Deliver and Track Emails for Desktop & Mobile
Bethesda List Center specializes in full-service email newsletter services for your Email Marketing needs. We can create the perfect newsletter design to match your brand, publish your html newsletter and provide you with detailed reports. With affordable pricing, top-notch service, and years of experience as email newsletter specialists, we’re the newsletter company you’ve been looking for.


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