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Benefits of Email Marketing

Email Marketing Lists

Email Marketing Lists help you deliver your message to potential prospects.  A third-party email list is a great way to share news and market your products to an audience tailored to specific demographics.

Most business email databases target specific demographics to better pinpoint their prospects.  Examples include Job Title or Job Function, Industry, Geography, Company Size, and the like.

Consumer email lists have a variety of selections: Geography, Household Information, Dwelling Type.  Often the number of selections on such a file can hit over 80 different selections!  (Talk about needing a list expert!)

There are two types of email lists:  Lists ‘released to buyer’ and ‘transmission’.  Most can be tailored to target the demographic that meets your marketing needs.

  • Email Transmission:  This list is transmitted by a 3rd party (generally the owner of the list) one time on your behalf.  You provide the message (HTML or text only), and opt-out suppression file and the owner or agent sets up your message and sends a test message to you for review.  Once reviewed and approved they send your message to your targeted audience on the date and time that you chose.  Reports are made available that outline number of opens and clicks roughly two business days after your message is sent.  This information varies by list.

Typically, lists considered ‘response’ files such as subscribers, members, buyers (to name a few) are transmission files.  Owners rarely (if ever) release this type of data to buyers.

  • Released Email Lists:  These lists are sent directly to you.  Most files will contain a name, email address, and partial postal data.  Many will also contain company name and/or job title, where available   Released email files are typically for a one-year annual lease from the date the lists are delivered to you.  Decoys are added to monitor use.

While receiving a released file seems like a great idea, most sending services will not allow you to send an email to a purchased list.  You are encouraged to check with your provider before you purchase a 3rd party list.

Your online reputation is important to us.  That is why Bethesda List Center runs every released email list through our email verification system, FixMyList, prior to shipping.  This service scans each email and identifies any bad records to minimize hard bounces.

Pro Tips:

  • Finding an email list can be tricky. The expert team at Bethesda List Center is here to help.  Let us know your target audience and we will search across all lists available on the market and supply a free no-obligation quote.

  • If you order a list that is released, you will undoubtedly encounter some ‘bad’ records. A good way to eliminate most (if not all) of them is to run your email database through our FixMyList email verification system.  Bethesda List Center runs every third part list ordered through FixMyList prior to shipping, so you have the peace of mind that you have received the cleanest data possible.
  • If you have an existing email list or even an opt-out (suppression) file…send it!  Some list owners will suppress those records from the list you intend to purchase for a small fee (or nothing at all).  This can save you money in the long run.  Why buy what you already have?
  • Your best bet to stay compliant with CAN-SPAM, GDPR and CCPA is to rent a list transmitted on your behalf.  If you do rent a released file, you are encouraged to get permission from the email owners prior to sending any offers.

FixMyList Email Verification