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HealthExecWire is your leading source for healthcare business and policy information covering a wide variety of topics in the healthcare industry.

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Demographics include the following Publications:

  • HealthExecWire
  • PayersPlus
  • Care Analytics Bulletin
  • Accountable Care Bulletin
  • Health Change Bulletin
  • Population Health Bulletin
  • Value Based Bulletin
  • Consumer Driven Bulletin
  • Medicare Advantage Bulletin
  • Managed Medicaid Bulletin
  • Managed Market Bulletin
  • Health Plan Brief

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Demographics Include:

  • Job Category
  • Level
  • Business Category
  • GEO (State, SCF/ZIP)

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About HealthExecWire Marketing Lists

12 Healthcare Bulletins/Newsletters and Directories help busy professionals keep up-to-date on healthcare topics and policies.

HealthcareExecWire’s comprehensive information Bulletins and directories are relied upon by healthcare experts and vendors to these fields.

The Bulletins fall into 5 major categories:

  • Accountable Care
  • Value-Based Payments
  • Analytics
  • Population Health
  • Payers & Providers

Managed Care is a key focus of three these Bulletins and Directories:

  1. HealthExecWeek
  2. Accountable Care Directory
  3. Accountable Care Bulletin

The Directories let suppliers find prospects for their products and services.

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