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List Management Made Easy – Earn Revenue from your lists.

Your list can be a great source of income by making it available for list rental.  Businesses are always looking for a niche market to promote their products and your list might be just what they’re looking for.

If you have an up-to-date list of members, attendees, buyers, etc., BLC has the tools to make your lists avaialble for rental and market your list to businesses.

For some organizations, such as specialized niche publications or charitable groups, their lists may be some of their most valuable assets, and BLC can help them maximize the value of their lists.

Bethesda List Center represents many List Owner Links to the direct marketing industry.
We increase List Owner Links’ rental income while relieving them of the burdens of:

Marketing and Selling
Bethesda List Center’s intensive promotion and constant direct selling means increased list revenue for owners. Our active relationships with nearly all recognized list brokers and many large mailers give BLC List Owner Links far greater market exposure than they could generate from their own efforts.

Order Fulfillment
BLC shoulders all of the time-consuming tasks of order fulfillment. We produce, ship, and track mailing list orders faster than anyone else in the industry. We also provide email transmission so your email list is never seen by the customers.

Customer Service
Bethesda List Center responds quickly and effectively to mailer needs. That is our business.

Billing and Collecting
BLC manages invoicing and collection for every list order. Our owners receive activity reports and rental revenue, monthly.

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