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This website is intended for fulfillment of the Industry Partner Email Deployment.
If you have not purchased this, and are interested, please contact Susan Waters at

For those that have purchased, please read the important notes and instructions below to get started.

Get Started:

  1. Request a transmission date
  2. Submit Email Message/Content for approval – Please add the disclaimer above prior to submission and submit it for approval as soon as possible so we can meet your transmission date.
  3. Place your order – All orders should be placed at least a week in advance of your approved transmission date. Please view the email instructions here, to prepare to place your order.

Please Note:

  • All marketing materials are subject to approval prior to distribution and must display the following disclaimer:  “This is being sent on behalf of (Name of Sponsor) and is not part of Heart Rhythm 2023 as planned by the Heart Rhythm Society. This company is neither sponsored nor endorsed by the Heart Rhythm Society.”
  • All messages must be approved by the Heart Rhythm Society (you can submit your copy here or upload it with your order.
  • All orders must be submitted at least one week in advance of your approved transmission date.
  • Each transmission includes 2 test messages. Additional tests will incur a fee per test ($25).
  • Email creative services are available. Fees will apply to convert messages to HTML or remove coding from a 3rd party system. Inquire for details.

Download Email Instructions or view below:

Available Dates for Transmission:

Items marked ‘reserved’ are no longer available.

Pre/Post Eblast Date Order by Status
Pre Show 4/26/23 4/19/23
Pre Show 4/27/23 4/20/23
Pre Show 4/28/23 4/21/23
Pre Show 5/1/23 4/24/23
Pre Show 5/2/23 4/25/23
Pre Show 5/3/23 4/26/23
Pre Show 5/4/23 4/27/23
Pre Show 5/5/23 4/28/23
Pre Show 5/8/23 5/1/23
Pre Show 5/9/23 5/2/23
Pre Show 5/10/23 5/3/23
Pre Show 5/11/23 5/4/23
Pre Show 5/12/23 5/5/23
Pre Show 5/15/23 5/8/23
Pre Show 5/16/23 5/9/23
Pre Show 5/17/23 5/10/23
Post Show 5/22/23 5/15/23
Post Show 5/23/23 5/16/23
Post Show 5/24/23 5/17/23
Post Show 5/25/23 5/18/23
Post Show 5/26/23 5/19/23
Post Show 5/30/23 5/23/23
Post Show 5/31/23 5/24/23
Post Show 6/1/23 5/25/23