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UK-based magazine, Drives & Controls.
Automation, engineering and transmission.

Reach readers of news and information of motion control, and more.

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Publisher DFA Media

DFA Media is a business-to-business publisher and event organizer producing high quality magazines, websites, directories, exhibitions and conferences, serving the UK and European manufacturing sectors.

Power Electronics Europe Magazine – Europe
Design of power electronics systems across Europe is the focus of this publication. This magazine covers all that is new in power electronics including emerging technologies and the application of advanced components, sub-assemblies, systems and solutions. Selections available include: Job Title/Job Function, Business/Industry, and Geography. The magazine is published eleven times a year, the website is updated often.

Drives & Controls Magazine Subscribers United Kingdom
Reach top automation, power transmission and motion control professionals in the UK. These active professionals access the news and information in three formats: traditional print magazines, printed monthly; websites, updated daily; and in person at the Drives & Controls Exhibition. News can be specific to the United Kingdom, or discuss global issues such as the shortage of rare earth materials from China.

Hydraulics & Pneumatics Magazine – United Kingdom
Hydraulics & Pneumatics Magazine- The Journal for Fluid Power and Systems. The focus of this specialized UK magazine is the fluid power industry. The publication, website and conference cover topics in mechanical and electro-mechanical equipment – from hoses, to fittings & swaging, to hydraulics cylinders, pumps, valves and filters, to compressed air. The list is long and finds its way into many types of end users, not just manufacturing firms.

Plant & Works Engineering Magazine – United Kingdom
Plant & Works Engineering Magazine – The UK’s leading industrial maintenance magazine. Industrial Maintenance is the focus of the this UK publication. This ABC – Audit Bureau of Circulation – book is the only professionally audit publication in its field. This means that both company size and reader requested are covered 100%. The publication is over 30 years old and still producing information for readers and great response for smart marketers.

Aftermarket Magazine Subscribers – United Kingdom
Reach the automotive aftermarket in the UK with this controlled circulation, ABC audited publication. Aftermarket Magazine, published monthly, is sent to independent garages, crash repairers and franchised dealers. These groups buy lots and lots of products, services and add-on equipment for cars, trucks and vans.

Offshore Design & Engineering Equipment Subscribers
Oil & gas platforms, shale, subsea, wind, wave, tidal, and related equipment are the focus of this design and engineering publication. Oil platforms are complex and very large . The design, procurement, engineering, upgrade and maintenance requirements of the offshore industries are all included. The field includes oil & gas platforms, shale, subsea, wind, wave, tidal, and related equipment.