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At the outset of your planning, consider using a mailing list professional.
Use a list professional with years of experience, hundreds of regular customers and a solid reputation. A list pro should have access to the best lists and work with sources around the world. List professionals can help you find promising new names with a high degree of specific potential for your business. A list pro will also coordinate the time-consuming list acquisition process (ordering, tracking, shipping, billing, etc.) A professional list broker works as an agent for companies who want to design a direct marketing campaign for their products or services via direct mail, email or telemarketing.

List brokers provide lists that, minimally, contain a prospect’s name and contact information. Additionally, lists may include additional information such as age, sex, etc. Many promotional mailings such as catalogs, coupons, promotional offers and credit offers utilize lists purchased through list brokers. List brokers may have ready-made lists, or may be dispatched to create entirely new lists with set criteria. Usually, list brokers act as “go-betweens” matching list owners to those who wish to buy or rent lists, charging a commission to the buyer. Professional list brokers can also supply a client with information, price guidelines and other consultation on the purchasing of lists and data.

Bethesda List Center is a Recognized List Broker for Clients in the US and Internationally

We specialize in business-to-business mailings with both postal and e-mail lists.

Whether your mailing is 50,000 names or 5 million, we have good systems in place to help you target your best prospects. Best of all, our fees are paid for by the List Owner. It costs no more to work with experienced list veterans.

Bethesda List Center serves mailers by finding and obtaining the best lists to support their marketing campaigns. BLC gives these brokerage customers:

One-Stop List Source

Bethesda List Center is a single-source supplier of mailing lists. We do all the chores that distract busy mailers from their own businesses. BLC does list research, ordering, and follow-up to assure on-time delivery.

List Research and Advice

Bethesda List Center’s years of experience with thousands of lists translates to expert list selection advice. Bethesda List Center is the recognized broker of choice for many successful mailers in the information technology and international markets.

Other Direct Mail Services

Bethesda List Center helps customers with a wide variety of direct mail needs. We frequently assist with services like list maintenance, merge/purge, lettershop and international remailing.

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