How to Find Mailing Lists for Executives

USAE Newspaper Subscribers

USAE is “The Weekly Community Newspaper of Associations, Convention Bureaus and Hotels”. It is read by the entire meetings community. This publication tells the latest on the goings-on in this specialized field: association industry news, which convention bureau is opening a new center, hotels being planned and built, who has a new job and the like. This newspaper has the professional news that is important to others in this field.

Human Resource HR Executives Email eUSA

Reach Human Resource Executives in all industries across the USA. Email, telephone numbers and postal addresses are available. Human Resource executives are more than working time and vacation day keepers. Human Resources, often called HR, has become one of the pillars of a business in most medium and all large companies. These individuals are responsible for human capital – planning staffing requirements, to obtaining the best candidates to running all the paperwork on their employment. HR professionals ensure all labor laws are followed along with benefits like vacation, health insurance, retirement plans and any employee actions and dismissals are properly handled.

Finance Executives Email List eUSA

Reach executives in the finance, insurance & real estate sectors of industry via email, direct mail & phone. These executives encompass a broad range of businesses that manage money, including credit unions, banks, credit-card companies, insurance companies, accountancy companies, consumer-finance companies, stock brokerages, investment funds, real estate firms, mortgage companies as well some government-sponsored enterprises.

Interior Designers in the USA

Reach professional interior designers. From the late, sainted “Sister Parrish” to local franchise operations, a designer is responsible for shaping and manipulating the space, volume and surface treatments. Interior design draws on a variety of skills including design of furniture, space planning, product specification and ordering, architecture, color, lighting, and, probably, the key, the psychology of dealing with clients who think they are spending too much or did not get what they thought they ordered.

Williams Register of Industrial Purchasing Agents

The Williams Register of Industrial Purchasing Agents is the leading source for executives at business and corporations who are responsible for purchasing products and services. These purchasing managers, buyers, and purchasing agents make up key component of their firm’s supply chain. They own personal computers and access the Internet. These high-level executives have the purchasing authority within their companies. These top professionals receive information on and make purchases in the following areas: Plant and office supplies and equipment, plant maintenance and supplies, technology products (including computer hardware and software), e-commerce products and services, employee training programs, trade show, marketing, financial and professional services, business exchanges.