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Frequently Asked Questions


Mailing Lists FAQs


Are all direct mail lists sold for unlimited use?

No, most of the postal lists are rented for one-time use.  In some cases, arrangements can be made for multi-use and yearly leases.

What is ‘Pre-Approval’?

Most mailings are subject to pre-approval by the list owner.  This means you will be required to submit a copy or draft of what you intend to mail to the recipients on the list for approval prior to shipment.  All list owners reserve the right to decline any offer.  You are welcome and encouraged to send it in advance for approval.

What is a List Rental Agreement?

A list rental agreement is a contract you may be required to sign that basically states you will follow the guidelines made by each owner.  Guidelines typically cover topics such as non-disclosure and unauthorized reuses.

Are eMail addresses and phone numbers included with a postal file?

No.  Email files are typically sold separately.  If phone numbers are available, they can be added for an additional fee.

What are the minimum order requirements?

Each list has a minimum order quantity (or cost).  If your quantity falls below the minimum order, the minimum order amount/cost will apply to the base price of the list.  Most list owners will permit any selections such as geography to be based on the number of names supplied.

Are all mailing lists released directly to me?

No, List owner policies vary.  Some list owners require the file be delivered to a third-party letter shop (printer).

What info is provided on the list?

This varies by list, but a mailing list will typically contain a contact name and address.  Depending on the list, titles & company names may be available as well. 

What are the select charges and how are they priced?

A selection charge applies when you select specific demographics on a list (for example – state, title, industry, etc.).  The fee is added for each demographic category.  So, if you choose 1 or 10 states, for example, the geography charge will apply. This cost is per thousand and added to the base price.

What is /M, /F?

/M= per thousand records

/F= flat fee

What is a Keycode?

A set of unique alphabetical/numeric characters recorded on the mail piece or return device, so that the marketer can determine which list or segment produced the response.  Keycodes cannot contain the acronym or any version of the name of the list rented.

How is the list shipped?

Mailing lists are transmitted to you or your printer via email or FTP.  In some cases, the file may also be available on peel and stick labels.  Separate shipping fees do apply if labels are ordered.

What is the file type?

Lists are delivered in Comma Delimited, Fixed format, or Excel.

 What is EDT?

This stands for Electronic Delivery Transmission.  This is the fee charged to produce and send your list via email or FTP.