McVey Medical Seminar Attendees

43,533 Postal $115/M

Formerly:  McVey Business Seminars for Doctors

This list consists of attendees to McVey Associates seminars for health care office staff on such topics as, insurance claims submission, CPT coding and collections.  Doctors and their staff members have spent on McVey Business Seminars to improve their knowledge of the business side of health care and help their offices run more efficiently.

McVey Associates, Inc. has been providing health care business education for over 27 years.  Currently, they are producing over 300 one-day seminars in 50 cities, on-site training/consultations throughout the United States, and specialty teleconference training.  McVey Associates primarily provides the information on insurance coding, billing and reimbursement by medical specialty.

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Female 21,776
Male 8,547
Specialty Quantity
Anesthesiology 562
Cardiology 3,848
Consultant, CPA (Business type) 616
Dermatology 674
Emergency Medicine 77
Endocrinology 678
ENT, Otorhinolaryngology, Head & Neck 1,758
Family Practice, Family Physicians 2,856
Gastroenterology 3,364
General Practice 441
Hospital 136
Immunology, Allergy 852
Infectious Diseases 13
Internal Medicine 1,149
M.D. – No Specialty Listed 664
Multi-Specialty 1,421
Nephrology 1,677
Neuro Surgery 72
Neurology 474
OB/GYN 3,820
Oncology, Hematology 439
Ophthalmology 1,043
Optometry 213
Orthopedic, Physical & Sports Med 3,176
Osteopath 603
Pathology 67
Pediatric, Children 1,629
Podiatry 3,633
Psychiatry 242
Pulmonary 2,085
Radiology, X-Ray, Imaging 395
Rheumatology, Arthritis 410
Surgery – General, Thoracic, Vascular 2,726
Surgery – Plastic, Reconstructive 204
Urology 2,097
Vascular Surgery 113

State Counts

AK 56
AL 543
AR 339
AZ 1300
CA 5030
CO 520
CT 695
DC 140
DE 107
FL 2770
GA 1145
HI 116
IA 295
ID 179
IL 1757
IN 886
KS 397
KY 533
LA 730
MA 940
MD 887
ME 167
MI 1601
MN 351
MO 987
MS 354
MT 68
NC 1407
ND 73
NE 323
NH 176
NJ 2009
NM 151
NV 242
NY 2190
OH 2367
OK 455
OR 573
PA 2342
PR 2
RI 136
SC 586
SD 124
TN 1051
TX 3276
UT 233
VA 1044
VT 48
WA 913
WI 599
WV 264
WY 56
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Seminar Attendees

Average Unit of Sale



Specialty $10/M
State $10/M
Gender $10/M



Split $25/F

Delivery Method – ASCII format / Postal File Only

eMail $50/F
FTP $50/F
Minimum Order 5,000

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