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Meetings and Convention Executives in the USA


Reach the top executives responsible for their company’s participation in trade shows, meetings and conferences.

This list identifies by name those individuals who are in business, financial services, universities, chambers of commerce, convention bureaus, medical and hospitals, government, and media.

These people buy lots of things – promotional gizmos, travel, show booths and plenty of travel and entertainment.  This list reaches professionals who purchase books, seminars, publications, industry specific materials and general business products.

File updates continuously.  Date listed may not reflect file date.  Please inquire.

Please Note:  Sample copy of mail piece required for every order- rough drafts are acceptable.

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Role | Inquire for Counts
Architectural Design
Assistant -Level
Engineering Management
Financial Management
Food Service
Human Resources
Information Technology (It) Professionals
Middle/Administrative Management
Other Management
Production Management
Sales / Marketing Management
Senior (C-Level or Higher)
Top Management
Vice President-Level
Organization Type | Inquire for Counts
Direct Mail; Government Records; Phone Research
State $10/M
Gender $10/M
Role $10/M
Company Type $10/M
Key Code$5/M
Phone Numbers $25/M
Delivery Method - ASCII format / Postal File Only
Via Email$50/F
FTP $50/F
Minimum Order5,000

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