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Work Type/Title   (add $15.00/M)
Community Health / Welfare Officer / Visitor
Dental Hygienist
Dietician / Nutritionist
Doctor Med
Laboratory Manager
Laboratory Technician
Matron / Senior Nurse / Midwife
Medical Assistant
Medical Laboratory Science Officer
Microbiologist / Molecular
Optometrist / Optician
Prosthetist / Orthotist
R&D Director / Manager
Social Worker
Speech Pathologist / Therapist
Specialty/Discipline   (add $15.00/M)
Air Medical Services incl Air Ambulance
Physician Hospital General
Aids / HIV
Anesthetists / Cryotherapy
Accident,Emergency / Paramedic
Alcohol / Substance Mis-use / Stop Smoking
Alzheimers / Dementia
Aviation Medicine
Chest / Respiratory / Lung / Pulmonary
Sleep Medicine / Disorders
General / Family Practitioner
Hematology Transfusion
Screening / Mammography / Ultrasound / X-Ray
Oncology Medical
Dentist Clinic / Offices
Pediatric Dentistry
Restorative Dentistry
Palliative / Intravenous / Pain Relief Medicine
Physiotherapy / Sports Med including Biokineticsis
Radiotherapy / Chemotherapy / Radiosurgery
Chiropractor,Osteopathic Clinics / Offices
Spinal Injuries
Obstetrics / Gynecology
Fertility / Family Planning / Andrology
Occupational Health including Biokineticsis
Intensive / Critical Care
Otolaryngology / Oral
Speech / Disability Therapists
Chiropody / Podiatry
Acupuncture / Homeopathy
Nuclear Medicine
Internal Medicine
Health Management Administration
C-Type Hospital / Practice Management
Intermediate Care Facilities
Regional Senior Nurse
Director of Nursing Services
Senior Nurse
Nurse Prescriber / Discharge
Director / Nurse Education
Midwifery / Maternity
Nursery / School Nurses
Practice / Community Nurse
Health / Wound Care NEC
Psychiatric Hospitals
Mental Health
Psychology / Psychotherapy
Special Hospital excluding Psychiatric+
Pediatric Psychiatry
Medical Laboratories
Prosthetics / Orthotics
Home Health Care Suppliers / Agencies
Nursing Homes / Hospices
Allergies / Asthmatics
Theatre Healthcare Professionals
Surgeon – General
Surgeon – Dental / Orthodontic
Surgeon – Gastroenterology
Surgeon – Abdominal / Dig / Pancreatic / Hepatobiliary
Surgeon / Physician – Colo-rectal / Proctology
Surgeon – ENT
Surgeon / Physician – Breast
Surgeon – Ophthalmology
Surgeon / Physician – Bariatric
Surgeon – Oncology
Surgeon – Endo / Thyroid
Surgeon – Dermatology
Surgeon – Neuro
Surgeon – Orthopedic / Rheumatology / Trauma
Surgeon – Plastic Maxillofacial
Surgeon / Physician Cardio / Thorax
Surgeon – Urology
Surgeon – Pediatric
Surgeon – Cardio / Vascular
Surgeon – Cardio
Surgeon – Transplant
Surgeon – Laparoscopy / Key Hole / MIS / Endoscopy
Auxiliary Health Emergency Support Services
Kidney Dialysis Centers
Health Visitor / Welfare Officer
General Medical Research
Medical Gas Chromatography Analysis
Medical Liquid Chromatography Analysis
Clinical Chemistry
HPLC Clinical Plasma Analysis
Clinical Trial Drug Testing
Endocrinology Diagnostics
Epidemiology / Infection Control / Tropical Medicine
Fertility Clinical
Forensic Research
Forensic Pathology
Hematology Diagnostic
Nephrology / Renal
Nuclear Radium
Oncology Diagnostics
Public Health Laboratories
Tissue Typing / Organ Transplant
Urology Diagnostics
Chemical Pathology
Biochemistry / Bioengineering
Medical Diagnostic Scientists
Gastroenterology Diagnostics
Neuro Pathology
Medical Spectroscopy Magnetic Resonance
Dental Laboratories
Surgical Laboratories
Senior Laboratory Technician
Bone Marrow Transplant
Cardio Pulmonary Transplant
Liver Transplant
Renal Transplant
Dental Science
Medical Science Physicists
Clinical Science
Research Institutions
Analytical Lab Services other NEC
Medical / Health at Universities
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