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Reach a variety of job titles/job functions within most hospitals. This permits offers to top management, women’s health, emergency room, transplant services, ultrasound, pharmacy and more. Hospitals are big business and their ability to purchase and consume large quantities of supplies is growing as the population of the country grows and ages.

This hospital list allows you to target your offer by bed size, type of hospital, and training accreditations that the hospital has been awarded, in addition to gender and geography.

File updates continuously. Date listed may not reflect file date. Please inquire.

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Bed Size (15.00/M)

Specialty / Department (10.00/M)
Acute Long Term Care
Adult Cardiac Electrophysiology
Adult Cardiology Services
Adult Day Care Program
Alcohol/Chemical Dep Inpatient Unit
Alcohol/Chemical Dep Outpatient Srvs
Ambulatory Outpatient Surgery Srvs
Arthritis Treatment Center
Assisted Living
Assistive Technology Center
Bariatric/Weight Control Services
Birthing Room-LDR Room-LDRP Room
Breast Cancer Screening/Mammograms
Burn Care Unit
Cardiac Intensive Care Unit
Case Management
Community Outreach
Crisis Prevention
CT Scanner
Dental Services
Electrodiagnostic Services
Emergency Department
Fitness Center
Geriatric Services
HIV-AIDS Service
Medical Surgical Intensive Care Unit
Nutrition Programs
Occupational Health Service
Oncology Service
Optical Colonoscopy
Outpatient Care Ctr Srvs
Pain Management Services
Patient Education Center
Patient Representative Service
Pediatric Cardiac Electrophysiology
Pediatric Cardiology Services
Pediatric Emergency Department
Physical Rehab-Inpatient
Prosthetic and Orthotic Services
Psychiatric Care
Psychiatric Child Adolescent Service
Psychiatric Residential Treatment
Robot-Assisted Walking Therapy
Rural Health Clinic
Simulated Rehabilitation Environment
Skilled Nursing and Long-Term Care
Sleep Lab Department
Social Work Service
Womens Health Center & Service
Wound Care

Job Title (10.00/M)
Admissions Director
Ambulatory / Outpatient Services Director
Anesthesiology Chief
Biomedical Engineering Director
Blood Bank Director
Business Office Director
Cardiac Cath Lab Director
Cardiology Director
Case Management Director
Central Supply Director
Central/Sterile Services Director
Chemical/Substance Abuse Director
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Financial Officer
Chief Information Officer
Chief Medical Staff
Chief Operating Officer
Clinical Laboratories Director
Continuing Education Director
Discharge Planning/Social Services Director
DRG Coding Director
Emergency Room Clinical Director
Facility/Plant Manager
Family Practice Director
Food Services Director
Formulary Committee Chair
Gastroenterology Director
Geriatric Services Director
HIPAA Compliance Director
Home Healthcare Services Director
Housekeeping Director
Human Resources Director
Infection Control Director
Inservice Education Director
Intensive Care Unit Director
Internal Medicine Chief
Managed Care Services Director
Management Service Director
Marketing Director
Materials Management Director
Medical Director
Medical Library Director
Medical Records Director
Neonatal Care Director
Neurosurgery Chief
Nuclear Medicine Director
Nursing Services Director
OB/GYN Director
Obstetrics/Gynecology Chief
Occupational Therapy Director
Oncology Services Director
Operating Room Director
Orthopedic Surgery Chief
P&T Committee Chair
PACS Administrator
Pastoral Care Director
Patient Education Director
Patient Financial Services Director
Patient Services Director
Pediatrics Chief
Pharmacy Director
Physical Rehab Services Dir
Physical Therapy Director
Physician Director of Emergency Room
Physician Recruiter
Psychiatric Services Director
Purchasing Director
Quality Assurance Director
Radiology / Diagnostic/Imaging Director
Radiology Chief
Radiology Director
Respiratory Therapy Director
Risk Management Director
Safety/ Engineering Director
Security Director
Sleep Lab Director
Social Services Director
Staff Development
Surgery Chief
Surgery Services Director
Tele Medicine Director
Urology Chief
Utilization Review Manager
Womens Health Services Director

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Job Title $10/M
Bed Size $10/M
Specialty $10/M
State/ZIP/SCF $10/M


Key Code $5/M
File Split $25/F

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Minimum Order 5,000

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