Financial Executives from 401(k) Exchange


Financial Executives from 401(k) Exchange


This is the breakout of Financial titles from the Benefits and 401(k) list.

This is created by the year-round calling efforts of marketing research firm It contains the names and titles of executives responsible for pension and retirement planning and administration at over 304,862 companies.

“How are we doing” is the question service providers like Fidelity Investments, Charles Schwab, Citibank and others want answered. Large pension service providers depend upon’s study results for current reports about their corporate client’s attitudes and opinions toward their pension funds. Insight surveys the person responsible for making the 401(k) retirement decision for their company pension funds. Insight surveys the person responsible for making the 401(k) retirement decision for their company pension plan and uses those opinions to give providers unbiased information on their clients.

401(k)’s are the hot retirement savings account for the majority of mid-level companies in the U.S. Over 8 million new employees are covered under these plans each year. The bigger companies are the prize accounts, but these corporations are diminishing in number. Customer satisfaction and client retention are the keys to maintaining the business for each service provider. uses the U.S. Department of Labor records as a starting point, then trains Market Research Professionals to call each company and update information on the company, contact, and retirement plan. Over 216,000 records are updated annually, and
that number grows each year.

Note: Last Update 2012. File/list updates no longer available.

Gender Quantity
Female 15,981
Male 16,016
Job Title
Accountant 3,256
Accounting Manager 2,753
Accounting Super 293
Assistant Controller 474
Bookkeeper 2,554
Business Manager 1,165
Chief Financial Officer 423
Comptroller 510
Controller 19,253
Director Of Finance 1,235
Treasurer 1,609
Employee Count Quantity
1 – 4 439
5 – 9 1,508
10 – 19 4,310
20 – 49 10,133
50 – 99 6,761
100 – 249 4,687
250 – 499 1,400
500 – 999 629
1,000 – 4,999 446
5,000 – 9,999 68
10,000+ 62


Direct Response

How Cleaned

Mail and Phone

Average Unit of Sale



Geography $10/M
NAICS Code $10/M
Gender $10/M
Employee Size $10/M


Key Code $5/M
Run Charges $15/M
Splits $25/F


Email $50/F
Turnaround 3 Days
Point Bar
Minimum Order and CASS
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