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Reach 7.9 million professionals in over 216,000 financial institutions via email, direct mail & phone.

These executives encompass a broad range of businesses that manage money, including credit unions, banks, credit-card companies, insurance companies, accountancy companies, consumer-finance companies, stock brokerages, investment funds, real estate firms, mortgage companies as well some government-sponsored enterprises.

Multiply your success rate with a multi-channel campaign!

These professionals are well educated and great candidates for a wide variety of offers.  Both business and up-market consumer offers are appropriate for this group.

Target SIC, NAICS, Corporate and location employee sizes, sales, expenses and much more.

All email orders are subject to a cancellation fee if canceled after testing begins.

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SIC Description Percentage
6081 Branches / Agencies Of Foreign Banks 0.01%
6019 Central Reserve Depository Inst 0.01%
6029 Commercial Banks 0.05%
6221 Commodity Contracts Brokers / Dealers 0.26%
6061 Credit Unions-Federally Chartered 5.14%
6062 Credit Unions-Not Federally Chartered 0.02%
6732 Educational / Religious Trusts 0.20%
6111 Federal Credit Agencies 0.05%
6011 Federal Reserve Banks 0.03%
6082 Foreign Trade / International Banks 0.01%
6099 Functions Related To Deposit Banking 3.05%
6282 Investment Advice 33.31%
6799 Investors 1.31%
6163 Loan Brokers 0.08%
6722 Management Investment Offices Open-End 0.01%
6159 Misc Business Credit Institutions 0.34%
6162 Mortgage Bankers / Correspondents 7.22%
6021 National Commercial Banks 28.57%
6091 Nondeposit Trust Facilities 0.02%
6712 Offices Of Bank Holding Companies 0.85%
6719 Offices Of Holding Companies 2.54%
6792 Oil Royalty Traders 0.03%
6794 Patent Owners / Lessors 0.91%
6141 Personal Credit Institutions 7.61%
6798 Real Estate Investment Trusts 0.26%
6035 Savings Institutions-Federal Chartered 0.14%
6036 Savings Institutions-Not Federal 0.02%
6231 Security / Commodity Exchanges 0.09%
6211 Security Brokers / Dealers 6.31%
6289 Services Allied-Exchange Of Securities 0.29%
6153 Short-Term Business Credit Institutions 0.43%
6022 State Commercial Banks 0.11%
6733 Trusts Except Educational / Religious 0.33%
6726 Unit Investment Trusts 0.40%
Job Titles: Percentage
Administration Executive 0.1%
Administrator 0.49%
Board Member 0.16%
Business Development 0.12%
Chairman 0.15%
Chief Executive Officer 1.65%
Chief Financial Officer 0.13%
CIO/CTO 0.13%
Controller 0.09%
Director 3.2%
Engineering/Technical 0.21%
Executive 0.27%
Executive Director 0.36%
Executive Officer 1.88%
Executive Vice President 2.58%
Finance 1.12%
Finance Executive 0.39%
General Manager 0.31%
Human Resources 0.23%
Human Resources Executive 0.17%
Information Technology 0.56%
Legal 0.15%
Manager 26.25%
Marketing 0.19%
Marketing Executive 0.11%
Office Manager 0.52%
Operations 4.35%
Operations Executive 0.09%
Other 3.12%
Owner 4.17%
Partner 0.18%
President 3.15%
Regional Manager 0.66%
Sales 1.71%
Sales Executive 0.29%
Senior Vice President 7.55%
Site Manager 12.59%
Vice President 20.11%
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Company Name $20/M
Company Size $10/M
Gender $10/M
GEO $10/M
Job Title $10/M
Sales Volume $10/M
SIC/NAICS/Industry $10/M
Small Business $10/M
State $10/M
Years in Business $10/M


Keycode $5/M
File Split $25/M

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