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The Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) Master List has over 8,000 professionals who work in the world of construction!

CSI is the standard-setting, professional association of the non-residential building design and construction industry. Its members include architects, engineers, specifiers, contractors, project planners and managers, building owners and managers, planners, construction products manufacturers, and other professionals.

CSI provides essential services to the industry, such as a common system of organizing documents, Manuals of Practice, other standard-setting books and publications, and professional certification in Construction Documents Technology, Specifications, Contract Administration, and Construction Product Representation. Conferences and product shows are also sponsored by CSI.

This list is comprised of the US members and prospects for CSI. The International file is also available for rental and the information can be found here: CSI INTL Masterlist

The list is ideal for any offer involving building design and construction: product offerings, books and magazines, professional seminars and training, and a wide variety of software and hardware products for project design and management. The list is highly selectable by member occupation, for effective segmentation.

Call (301) 986-1455 for further details.

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Job Function Quantity
A/E Representative 70
Academic Staff 5
Academician/Professor/Teacher 37
Accountant 5
Architect 2,018
Association Professional 33
Attorney 27
Building Inspector 13
Building Official 7
Building Owner 9
Building Product Distributor 112
Civil Engineer 170
Computer Support Specialist 7
Construction Finance Professional 2
Construction Manager 142
Construction Trades 41
Constructor 20
Consultant 312
Contract Administrator 137
Developer 10
Electrical Engineer 67
Electronic Media Manufacturer 1
Electronics Engineer 6
Engineering Technician 24
Environmental Engineer 23
Estimator 79
Facilities Manager 35
Forensic Architect 30
Forensic Engineer 13
General Contractor 184
Graphic Designer 2
Insurance Professional 5
Interior Designer/Space Planner 70
Labor Representative 3
Landscape Architect/Designer 35
Manufacturer\’s Representative/Supplier 1,678
Mechanical Engineer 113
Other 741
Project Information Manager 13
Project Manager 373
Public Agencies Staff 20
Publisher 18
Realtor 1
Specifier of Specification Consultant 451
Structural Engineer 134
Student 333
Subcontractor 164
Surety Advisor 3
Surveyor 5
Systems Administrator 9
Technical Writer 25
Test Lab Personnel 9
Urban Planner 1
Water Resources Engineer 8

State Counts

AK 112
AL 70
AR 72
AZ 123
CA 918
CO 166
CT 95
DC 54
DE 14
FL 350
GA 227
HI 115
IA 66
ID 15
IL 406
IN 212
KS 108
KY 60
LA 150
MA 214
MD 193
ME 55
MI 272
MN 234
MO 236
MS 115
MT 12
NC 199
ND 27
NE 41
NH 29
NJ 205
NM 77
NV 55
NY 457
OH 362
OK 85
OR 210
PA 453
PR 14
RI 26
SC 108
SD 4
TN 246
TX 599
UT 73
VA 331
VT 30
WA 289
WI 168
WV 9
WY 4


Association Membership


Job Function $10/M
Gender $10/M
State $10/M


Key Code $5/M
File Split $25/F

Delivery Method – ASCII format / Postal File Only

E-mail $50/F
FTP $50/F
Minimum Order 5,000
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