A Mailing list broker knows that every business is different. Different products for different locations with a different target audience and different marketing needs. For many years, businesses have embraced direct marketing as one of the best ways to find new audiences to engage with. Direct marketing focuses on targeting specific audiences desired by the business with the goal of converting them to become recurring patrons of the business. Typically, phone calls or emails help to carry out direct marketing.

The more customers you can procure, the more successful the direct marketing campaign will be. And the success of both is entirely dependent on factors like the content of your message and the quality of your calls to action.

You might be wondering: how do I decide which new audiences to target with my direct marketing campaign? That’s where mailing list brokers come into play. Mailing list broker study demographics and data to find the audience that is most likely to become customers after receiving your message. Mailing list brokers are best when they provide you with the highest quality lists.

One thing that’s important to keep in mind when pursuing a list like this is that if what you are trying to advertise to your audience is very specific, then your list should be, too.

Similar to how stockbrokers organize the shares by industries (health, food, shopping, etc.), mailing list brokers also categorize their targeted audiences. This helps you find the people who are most likely to become customers as a result of your direct marketing campaign.

You involve demographics when the businesses you target fit into social molds, like businesses owned and operated exclusively by women.

But What About the Customer Service?

People frequently request lists from mailing list brokers and the websites. However,  if you engage with them and talk to the experts behind these lists, your campaign will likely have more success when it comes to resonating with your desired customers. By explaining your goals clearly, you will definitely have a better chance of a high-quality list.

Customer service is important. Also, it sets the best mailing list broker apart from the many list brokers that involve themselves with this practice. If you want the best in the game, we actually set out to find the top ten services that provide mailing lists for you.

To develop this list of the best mailing list brokers, we covertly visited the outlets of the company, through the chat for customer service and through the conventional methods of contacting mailing list brokers. The interactions that came from each moment with the brokers were paramount for ranking them and narrowing the field down expertly. Friendliness, efficiency, and helpfulness were each major deciding factors when evaluating the quality of the customer service. The companies that eventually got cut or fell to the lower half of the top ten were slow, vague, and unclear. But the mailing list brokers at the top really seemed to understand what direct marketing is all about. They provided this assistance with speed.

Finding the Best List

These factors are the most important when dealing with mailing list brokers.

Up to Date

Audiences change constantly. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the lists you are targeting are as up to date as possible. Databases can change and if you are using an out of date list, you might end up alienating the potential customers more than you might expect. You could end up costing yourself more than just money.

Reach Guaranteed

At the end of the day, there’s a bit of luck required when it comes to the audience to customer conversion. You can never be sure what is exactly going to work when it comes to conversion. The best you can hope for is to just get your information out there and make it as high quality as possible. When working with mailing list brokers, make sure that they have a guarantee that your message will be delivered. If they cannot reach the audience you want to work with, then they are not worth hiring.

Should You Rent or Buy?

When it comes to direct marketing campaigns, you want to be careful because if your list ends up being none that is fruitless, then you might be stuck with faulty audience potentials in your database for the foreseeable future. By renting a list, you can take one chance at your audience and hope the targeting goes well. If it doesn’t, you’re not forced to commit to the weak audience. However, if it does go well, you’re only allowed to use it once. It’s all about the risk you’re willing to take.

Marketing Help

Mailing list brokers are involved in the process of delivering you the highest quality list. It is not always their responsibility to help you with the actual content of your digital marketing campaign. But they can be if you want them to. Consider reaching out to the mailing list brokers to see if they can help you tweak your direct marketing to be of a higher potential of attracting new customers.

Picking the Best List

When you purchase a mailing list from mailing list brokers, you will have to decide if you want one compiled list or one responsive list. Here are the key differences between the two:


Compiled lists and compiled data feature the sorts of information that anyone could find. People and their information are culled from government records, public contact books, and more. With information like this, you can easily figure out demographics to sort the data into.


Responsive lists are compiled thanks to the actual people featured on them. Compiled lists come from public records and information that is available about people. Responsive lists have all the data you need because it was provided by the audience listed. This is usually attained through processes like subscribing to a magazine, for example.

The best direct marketing campaigns are nothing without a quality list. This can help reach your targeted audience with the goal of converting customers. If you want more information, reach out to the Bethesda List Center and talk to our experts!

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