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Tips to Get eMail Addresses for Your NewsletterIn order to reap the benefits of email list subscribers, companies like yours need to engage in powerful enewsletter list building practices that attract the companies and professionals most likely to take action. It takes a lot more than simply posting a well-styled signup form on your business website. Boost your ability to collect more email addresses and attract more B2B customers and clients with the following 15 tips.

Position the Signup Form for Maximum Effect

1 – When the representative of a company comes to your website, the signup form must be obvious and accessible. Put it prominently in the navigation bar at the top, in the header and footer of each page. Additionally, on the sidebar as well. The idea is not to overwhelm the website with e-newsletter list building opportunities. Conversely, make it easy for any visitor to notice.

2 – Add a noticeable link at the bottom of every business and personal email. This in turn will direct recipients to give their email addresses to you. This may ease people you are in contact with into the automatic newsletter or autoresponder messages.

3 – Use social media responsibly for enewsletter list building. A form on your Facebook business page and a sponsored one on LinkedIn are ideal.

4 – Take advantage of your blog readers and encourage them to sign up with their email addresses by revealing hints of the additional content they could get in the newsletter within blog posts. The best business audience includes those who are already interested in what you have to say.

Get the Right Attention for the Signup Form

1 – Logos, typography, and other branded visuals should match across all websites and social media pages. Incorporate the same in two separate sign-up forms to build recognition and increase reputation.

2 – Video sharing sites such as YouTube and Vimeo attract a high rate of B2B traffic. Intersperse your professional introduction or content videos with enewsletter list building opportunities.

3 – If a particular company has already provided their physical address but has not signed up for your newsletter yet, entice them to do so through eye-catching direct mail postcards or letters. Stress the fact that they will get additional information and benefits.

4 – Attract attention to the sign-up form on the website by displaying it in a lightbox or pop-up that is difficult to miss. However, it should be not intrusive if the company representative is searching for additional content on the pages.

Real World Tips for eNewsletter List Building

1 – If your company sets up booths or tables at a tradeshow or conference, include either physical or virtual opportunities for visitors to sign up for the newsletter. This could be a simple clipboard at the edge of the table or a tablet with the sign-up form loaded on the screen.

2 – Train administrative assistants or other employees to recommend that business clients give their email addresses to receive the weekly or monthly newsletter or other communications.

3 – Besides trade shows or conferences, attracting attention at other events specific to your company makes sense. Host professional networking meetings or give presentations to people within the same industry. These offer an excellent opportunity for enewsletter list building. 

Make Giving Email Address Worth It for Companies

1 – Provide intrinsic value to companies or professionals who are interested in what your business has to offer if they sign up for the newsletter email list. These could be product samples, a service consultation, or even an e-book, video, or print guide.

2 – Encourage the additional collection of email addresses by offering referral bonuses when one company convinces another professional contact to sign up as well. Recommendations like this frequently result in the most interested and active followers.

3 – Make it known to your B2B contacts that the email list periodically sends out special offers or discounts that cannot be found on the website, blog, or social media account. Indeed, businesses only get involved with things that can benefit them directly.

4 – Another option is to publicize the special offer a lot but make e-newsletter involvement the only way to get it. For example, everyone who signs up for the newsletter in one month may be eligible to enter into a contest for a valuable giveaway.

Every company must court a continuing flow of newsletter sign-ups. This, in turn, will help to realize the benefits of having a strong email contact list. The methods are all designed to give business contacts what they want now and into the future. Choose several of the tips listed above to attract more attention and convert more website, social media, or trade show booth visitors to sign-ups.