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Why It’s a Smart Business Decision to Use a Direct Marketing List Broker  

If you're looking to promote your business, products, or services, reaching out to your target audience through a marketing campaign can be a highly effective strategy. However, finding a high-quality mailing list can be a daunting task, especially if you're looking to reach a specific niche market. That's where a Direct marketing list broker comes [...]

Why It’s a Smart Business Decision to Use a Direct Marketing List Broker  2023-03-17T16:41:59+00:00

The Importance of Email List Hygiene

Email marketing strategies are rooted entirely in concepts of email databases and email list hygiene is very important for active marketing campaigns. After all, businesses can only have successful email marketing campaigns if their email databases are soundly comprised of recipients who are receptive to email marketing campaigns. And email databases can only be comprised [...]

The Importance of Email List Hygiene2021-07-16T16:19:34+00:00

How to Verify an Email Address

Email marketing is incredibly tricky and the statistics that back up the process of email open rates and conversion rates are outstandingly poor. However, there are ways to market emails effectively to avoid spam and enter right into the eye of the one in charge of the inbox. Here is a series of advice to [...]

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Email Marketing Tip: Re-mail That Campaign!

One of the oldest adages in the book is known as, “if at first, you don’t succeed, try, try again.” This colloquialism can be applied to so many different topics in the world, but it can also certainly be applied to the world of email marketing, specifically the topic of re-mailing. Re-mailing is an important [...]

Email Marketing Tip: Re-mail That Campaign!2021-07-16T16:19:07+00:00

How-to Guide to Content Recycling

Content recycling is a marketing strategy that often comes with a negative connotation, but that’s because most marketers don’t know how to properly utilize the content recycling strategy. Creating new, innovative, content on a regular basis is a challenge that many marketers can’t live up to, but content recycling makes it possible. Content recycling is [...]

How-to Guide to Content Recycling2021-07-16T14:14:53+00:00

Tracking Your Marketing Campaign

The best thing you can do when you are tracking your marketing campaign is ensuring that absolutely no advertisements will be created without the best possible tracking methods. People may feel differently about this rule, but it is absolutely a crucial one. By all means, make the best use of your money. Also, make sure everyone is [...]

Tracking Your Marketing Campaign2021-07-20T12:31:54+00:00

Customer Loyalty – Content for Success

For brands to succeed, they have to embrace the loyalty of their customers. Singular shoppers are fine, but brand succeed when they have customers returning repeatedly and this is largely achieved through excellent customer service. Almost every relevant study draws the connection between customer service and customer loyalty. But how can brands define what it [...]

Customer Loyalty – Content for Success2021-07-20T12:36:23+00:00

How to Use Email Signatures for Marketing

Email signatures may not be thought of as the best form of marketing to generate income for your business or company, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Recent research has shown that the best place to input a call to action CTA banner is directly below the employee email signature. A recent Hubspot [...]

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Test Email Subject Lines for Better Open Rates

When email marketers are developing the best possible email subject lines to entice readers, it becomes crucial for them to test the email subject lines. Ten percent of the time, , they could possibly pick an untested subject line that underperforms by about forty-two percent. And according to the founder of Touchstone Intelligent Marketing, Dela [...]

Test Email Subject Lines for Better Open Rates2021-07-19T20:17:09+00:00

Should You Be Using Emojis in Your Email Subject Lines

We all use emojis when texting our friends and family. It’s a way of expression that goes beyond words. A small detail may help convey a message on a stronger level. Texting with emojis is quite common nowadays, but have you considered using emojis in your email subject lines? The Internet is a busy place [...]

Should You Be Using Emojis in Your Email Subject Lines2021-07-19T20:00:54+00:00
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