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How to Guide for Content Recycling

By |December 31st, 2018|

Content recycling is a marketing strategy that often comes with a negative connotation, but that’s because most marketers don’t know how to properly utilize the content recycling strategy. Creating new, innovative, content on a regular basis is a challenge that many marketers can’t live up to, but content recycling makes it possible. Content recycling is […]

Tracking Your Marketing Campaign

By |September 11th, 2018|

The best thing you can do when you are tracking your marketing campaign is ensuring that absolutely no advertisements will be created without the best possible tracking methods.
People may feel differently about this rule, but it is absolutely a crucial one. By all means, make the best use of your money. Also, make sure everyone is putting […]

6 Tips to Improve Your Email Response

By |May 30th, 2018|

It’s been a while since email took over the spotlight on the marketing scene. This way of personal, targeted communication with the audience will not only get your business more recognition but also win over tons of potential leads and clients. However, as effective as it is, running email marketing campaigns is actually one of […]

Tips to Get eMail Addresses for Your Newsletter

By |August 8th, 2017|

In order to reap the benefits of email list subscribers, companies like yours need to engage in powerful enewsletter list building practices that attract the companies and professionals most likely to take action. It takes a lot more than simply posting a well-styled signup form on your business website. Boost your ability to collect more email addresses and attract more B2B customers and clients with the following 15 tips.

Things You Should Consider For Email Address Verification

By |June 16th, 2017|

Email marketing works only with a clean and responsive list. While obsolete and incorrect information damages click through and conversion rates, fake and automatic sign-ups affect the possibility of success just as much if not more. In order to combat this insidious problem, businesses and individuals must put email address verification techniques in action.

Direct Marketing Success in 6 Easy Steps

By |March 22nd, 2017|

Direct mail, whether postal mail or email, continues to impress advertisers with its ability to reach a highly targeted audience, impress them with a company-specific message, and convert them into lifelong customers or clients. Getting to this point, however, requires quite a few details that some companies get wrong.

How to Make Those Old Emails Clean

By |February 8th, 2017|

If you have an old email list or you haven’t gotten around to sending out an email in quite some time, your emails could use some refreshing. When you’re involved in email marketing, a clean email mailing list is important.

Are You Using Best Email Practices?

By |January 13th, 2017|

Are your emails as effective as they could be? If you want to use best email practices to breathe life back into your email marketing, here are some tips for better email.

Email List Cleaning Benefits

By |October 25th, 2016|

Direct email marketing is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal for promoting your brand and finding new customers. If the success of your business directly depends on finding new leads, making sales and establishing relationships with customers, direct marketing can help you reach your goals.

5 Tips for Acquiring Clean Email Marketing Lists

By |September 1st, 2016|

Before you start a new direct email marketing campaign, you need to make sure that you have fresh, up-to-date email marketing lists in order to reach the maximum number of potential customers. If you are sending emails to dead accounts or accounts that are directing your personalized email straight to a spam folder, you are losing potential customers. Every lost email or message that's marked as spam represents lost time and money on your end.