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The Importance of Email List Hygiene

Email marketing strategies are rooted entirely in concepts of email databases and email list hygiene is very important for active marketing campaigns. After all, businesses can only have successful email marketing campaigns if their email databases are soundly comprised of recipients who are receptive to email marketing campaigns. And email databases can only be comprised [...]

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How to Verify an Email Address

Email marketing is incredibly tricky and the statistics that back up the process of email open rates and conversion rates are outstandingly poor. However, there are ways to market emails effectively to avoid spam and enter right into the eye of the one in charge of the inbox. Here is a series of advice to [...]

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Email Marketing Tip: Re-mail That Campaign!

One of the oldest adages in the book is known as, “if at first, you don’t succeed, try, try again.” This colloquialism can be applied to so many different topics in the world, but it can also certainly be applied to the world of email marketing, specifically the topic of re-mailing. Re-mailing is an important [...]

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Increase Email Open Rates with Great Subject Lines

What are Open Rates in Email Marketing? In terms of internet marketing "Open Rate" indicates how many commercial emails were opened within an email marketing campaign. The Open Rates are commonly expressed as a percentage. Every day, the world sees the sending of over one hundred billion marketing-based emails that, if they go unchecked, can really hamper the ability for an [...]

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Free Email Newsletter Design Tips for Better Results

HTML Code for Content Recycling The most important part of your newsletter is the HTML and layout. If it’s not clean coded, it won’t look good on multiple devices and may even get filtered by spam. Use nested tables and inline CSS for styling. The width should be kept under 680 pixels for best viewing [...]

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Direct Marketing | Why Should You Use a Mailing List Broker?

A Mailing list broker knows that every business is different. Different products for different locations with a different target audience and different marketing needs. For many years, businesses have embraced direct marketing as one of the best ways to find new audiences to engage with. Direct marketing focuses on targeting specific audiences desired by the [...]

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How to Add Direct Mail into Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Adding direct mail into your email marketing campaigns is a great way to improve customer engagement and make your marketing campaigns more successful. Email marketing is the newest trend in marketing, but the open rates from email marketing alone tend to be low and the results reflect that. It’s become too easy for customers to [...]

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Tracking Your Marketing Campaign

The best thing you can do when you are tracking your marketing campaign is ensuring that absolutely no advertisements will be created without the best possible tracking methods. People may feel differently about this rule, but it is absolutely a crucial one. By all means, make the best use of your money. Also, make sure everyone is [...]

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Customer Loyalty – Content for Success

For brands to succeed, they have to embrace the loyalty of their customers. Singular shoppers are fine, but brand succeed when they have customers returning repeatedly and this is largely achieved through excellent customer service. Almost every relevant study draws the connection between customer service and customer loyalty. But how can brands define what it [...]

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How to Use Email Signatures for Marketing

Email signatures may not be thought of as the best form of marketing to generate income for your business or company, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Recent research has shown that the best place to input a call to action CTA banner is directly below the employee email signature. A recent Hubspot [...]

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