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1.2 MM
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New List!  Reach Business Owners across the US via email , phone and direct mail.

Multiply your success rate with a multi-channel campaign!

These professionals are well educated and great candidates for a wide variety of offers.  Both business and up-market consumer offers are appropriate for this group.  Target SIC, NAICS, Corporate and location employee sizes, sales, expenses and much more.

All email orders are subject to a cancellation fee if canceled after testing begins.

Transmission fee includes up to 3 test messages.

Creative & hosting services are available.  Please inquire for rates.

List updates frequently.  Please inquire for the most up to date counts.

Company SizeQuantity
1 - 4 297,973
5 - 9 246,296
10 - 19 254,751
20 - 49 141,336
50 - 99 53,989
100 - 249 37,755
250 - 499 12,563
500 - 999 11,265
1,000 - 4,999 9,678
5,000 - 9,999 770
10,000 + 292
Sales VolumeQuantity
Less than $500,000 174,949
$500,000 - $1 Million 109,630
$1 Million - $2.5 Million 121,894
$2.5 Million - $ 5 Million 71,126
$5 Million - $10 Million 53,790
$10 Million - $50 Million 56,207
$50 Million - $100 Million 9,892
$100 Million - $500 Million 12,012
$500 Million - $1 Billion 2,975
$1 Billion + 15,975
Accounting Expenses $20/M
Advertising Expenses $20/M
Credit Capacity $20/M
Female Owned $10/M
Gender $5/M
GEO $5/M
Home Based $10/M
Importer or Exporter $10/M
Insurance Expenses $20/M
Job Title $5/M
Legal Expenses $20/M
Manufacturing on Site $10/M
Non Profit $10/M
Number of PCs $10/M
Office Equipment Expenses $20/M
Public Company $10/M
Rent Expenses $20/M
Sales Volume $5/M
SIC/NAICS/Industry $5/M
Small Business $10/M
State $5/M
Technology Expenses $20/M
Telecom Expenses $20/M
Utilities Expenses $20/M
Years in Business $10/M
Key Coding $5/M
Keycode $5/M
Personalization $10/M
Split $50/F
Transmission $15/M
Suppression $100/F
Email $50/F
FTP $50/F
Minimum Order5,000

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