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Benefits & 401(k) Executives


This is created by the year-round calling efforts of
marketing research firm It contains
the names & titles of executives responsible for
pension & retirement planning & administration
at over 70,000 companies.

“How are we doing” is the question service providers
like Fidelity Investments, Charles Schwab, Citibank
& others want answered. Large pension service
providers depend upon’s study
results for current reports about their corporate
client’s attitudes & opinions toward their
pension funds. Insight surveys the person responsible
for making the 401(k) retirement decision for their
company pension funds. Insight surveys the person
responsible for making the 401(k) retirement decision
for their company pension plan & uses those
opinions to give providers unbiased information on
their clients.

401(k)’s are the hot retirement savings account for
the majority of mid-level companies in the U.S. Over
8 million new employees are covered under these plans
each year. The bigger companies are the prize
accounts, but these corporations are diminishing in
number. Customer satisfaction & client retention
are the keys to maintaining the business for each
service provider. uses the U.S. Department of Labor
records as a starting point, then trains Market
Research Professionals to call each company &
update information on the company, contact, &
retirement plan. Over 216,000 records are updated
annually, & that number grows each year.

Note:  Last Update 2012.  File/list updates no longer available.

401k Administrator 20,338
Benefits Specialist 952
Benefits & Compensation 527
Benefits Administrator 3,622
Benefits Director 612
Benefits Manager 2,838
Number of EmployeesQuantity
1 - 4357
5 - 9991
10 - 192,115
20 - 494,473
50 - 993,312
100 - 2493,427
250 - 4992,054
500 - 9991,826
1,000 - 4,9992,949
5,000 - 9,999706
10,000 +685
Average Unit of Sale
Direct Response
How Cleaned
Mail & Phone
One per company$10/M
Emp. Size$10/M
Key Code$5/M
Run Charges$15/M
Turnaround3 Days
Minimum Order5,000

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