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401(k) Exchange Masterfile

Plan Executives

Founded in 1996, 401kExchange is the leading source of business development, market intelligence, and due diligence services for the 401(k) and retirement industry serving the small and mid-sized corporate market.

401kExchange connects plan sponsors, retirement advisors, broker dealers, and service providers with each other and with the knowledge and support they need to succeed in a competitive, constantly changing 401(k) landscape.

Reach executives by job title, NAICS code (2 or 6 digit) and/or company size as well as state, ZIP, SCF and gender.

Note:  Last Update 2012.  File/list updates no longer available.

Job Title
401(K) Administrator 20,338
Accountant 3,256
Accounting Manager 2,753
Administrator 6,013
Administrative Assistant 1,374
Assistant Manager 248
Benefit Specialist 952
Benefits & Compensation 527
Benefits Administrator 3,622
Benefits Director 612
Benefits Manager 2,838
Bookkeeper 2,554
Business Manager 1,165
CFO 377
Chief Executive Officer CEO 3,808
Chief Financial Officer CFO 11,305
Chief Operating Officer COO 918
Comptroller 510
Controller 19,253
Coordinator 156
Director 332
Director Of Finance 1,235
Director Of Human Resource 5,403
Director Of Operations 493
Executive Assistant 600
Executive Director 703
Executive Vice President 778
Finance Executive 1,099
General Manager 2,507
Human Resource Administrator 5,883
Human Resource Manager 13,277
Human Resource Specialist 1,254
Human Resources 1,016
Manager 1,306
Medical Doctor 1,703
FLWC 7,711
Office Manager 14,130
Operations Manager 785
Owner 21,314
Partner 5,096
Payroll Administer 2,245
Personnel Manager 303
President 21,537
Project Manager 135
Secretary 725
Secretary Treasurer 749
Senior Vice President 185
Treasurer 1,609
Trustee 4,490
Vice President 6,489
Employee SizeQuantity
1 - 4 4,821
5 - 9 14,111
10-19 30,789
20-49 59,347
50-99 39,989
100-249 34,069
250-499 14,091
500-999 7,991
1,000-4,999 8,835
5,000-9,999 1,671
10,000 + 1,625
Direct Response
Geography $10/M
Job Title $10/M
NAICS Code $10/M
Gender $10/M
Employee Size $10/M
Keycode $5/M
Run Charge $15/M
Split $25/F
Email $50/F
Turnaround3 Days
Minimum Order5,000

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