Radiologic / X-Ray Technologists in the USA




These are specialists in radiation therapy, nuclear medicine, cancer research and treatment, and diagnostic X-rays have become increasingly important in the medical world. Radiologic technologists and technicians take X-rays and administer non-radioactive materials into patient’s blood streams for diagnostic purposes. Some specialize in diagnostic imaging technologies such as computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Formal training programs in radiography range in length from 1 to 4 years and lead to a certificate, associate’s degree, or bachelor’s degree. Two-year associate’s degree programs are most prevalent.

Suggested uses include: medical seminars, continuing education, scientific publications, recruitment, etc.

Specialties include: Cardiovascular Interventional Technology, Computed Tomography CAT Scan, Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI, Mammography, Nuclear Medicine Technology, Quality Management, Radiation Therapy Technology and Radiography.

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Specialties Quantity
Cardiovascular Interventional Technology 2,529
Computed Tomography CAT Scan 8,633
Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI 6,132
Mammography 34,584
Nuclear Medicine Technology 10,522
Quality Management 372
Radiation Therapy Technology 10,768
Radiography 184,142

State Counts

AK 525
AL 3,852
AR 2,322
AZ 4,176
CA 31,122
CO 3,672
CT 2,871
DC 205
DE 755
FL 37,750
GA 6,711
HI 820
IA 2,519
ID 1,358
IL 9,672
IN 5,460
KS 3,580
KY 3,611
LA 3,741
MA 6,673
MD 4,729
ME 2,752
MI 8,123
MN 3,598
MO 5,503
MS 4,663
MT 827
NC 7,304
ND 555
NE 1,357
NH 1,316
NJ 7,952
NM 1,301
NV 1,662
NY 10,858
OH 11,234
OK 2,513
OR 2,418
PA 13,332
RI 1,110
SC 3,736
SD 720
TN 7,323
TX 27,186
UT 1,909
VA 7,689
VT 837
WA 4,036
WI 5,188
WV 1,689
WY 1,045


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