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Consumer Database – Now Available at Bethesda List Center!

Many offers are direct to consumers.  The data specialists at Bethesda List Center offer a comprehensive group of Consumer Specific databases. We work with a variety of sources that are constantly updated, verified, corrected, and enhanced. The result is you get the best possible residential prospect list – whether it’s an email list or postal (snail mail) list.

Working with the data specialists at Bethesda List Center lets you draw upon the knowledge of experts.  The lists and the almost limitless selections available can be overwhelming for even experienced list buyers.  Having an experienced guide can save you time, money, and aggravation.

Among the selections available are:  geography, home value, and homeownership, new homeowners, pre-movers,  presence of children, adult age, gender, income, lifestyle (think golfers, pet owners, donors, mail order buyers, etc), hobbies, interests and voter information,  these proven lists can help you reach your target audience.

If you need to update your own database with postal verification, social media overlay, email address, and other services, contact us.

Your Consumer promotion can start by contacting Bethesda List Center to discuss your offers.

Cost Guide

/M = per thousand records
/F = flat rate

Base Rates (minimum order applies to base if your total falls below it)
Postal – 1-time use mailing list
Email Transmission – You supply materials and tests are sent. Once tests are approved the email will be transmitted on your requested date and time. Reports available within 2-3 business days
Email Release – The list is released to you for one year lease.  Released email lists include postal data

Selections – What you target on each list.  There is a per thousand name fee for each category listed
Delivery – Production cost and delivery fee. Applies to every postal or release email file sent.
Services – Fees for suppression, and transmission will apply to each email list deployed. All other services optional.


Under $40000
$40,000 – $59,000
$60,000 – $99,999
$100,000 – $249,999
$250,000 +

Apparel / Fashion / Beauty
Beauty & Cosmetics
Children’s Apparel
General Apparel
Men’s Apparel
Stylish Men’s Apparel
Women’s Apparel
Stylish Women’s Apparel
Arts / History / Science
Cultural Arts
American History
Books / Magazines / Music
Book Buyers
Books, Music & Magazines
Comic Book Readers
Magazine Subscribers
Non-Fiction Books
Science Fiction Books
Charitable Donor
Charitable Donor
Wildlife & Environment Donor
Cooking / Wine
General Cooking
Gourmet Food & Wine
Sports Cards & Sports Collectibles
Stamps & Coins
Collectibles – Other
Crafts / Sewing
General Crafts
Hobby Crafts – scrapbooks, models
Ethnic Products
African American Products
Hispanic Products
Gambling / Games / Sweepstakes
Gambling – Casino
Gambling – General
Health / Diet / Fitness
Dieting & Weight Loss
General Health & Exercise
Home Improvement / Decor
Home Decorating & Furnishings
Motor Vehicles / Motorsports
Automotive Enthusiast
Auto Racing Enthusiast
Motorcycle Enthusiast
Truck Enthusiast
Outdoor Recreation
Boating & Sailing
Camping & Hiking
General Outdoor Sports
Wild Birds
Personal Finance/ Self-Help
Inspiration & Motivation Seminars
Investments & Finance
Moneymaking Opportunities
Pets / Animals
General Pets
Photo Processing
Photography Enthusiast
Politics / Religion / News
Interest in Current Events
Interest in Bible / Devotionals
Politically Conservative
Politically Liberal
Purchase Behavior
Bargain Seekers
Business Office Supplies & Equipment
Catalog Shopper
Child & Family Products
College-Related Products
Credit Card User
Gift Giver
Home Office Purchase
Internet Purchaser
Personalized Products / Monograms
Rural / Farm-Related Products
Senior-Oriented Products
Tobacco User
General Sports
Technology / Entertainment
Audio Products & Music
High-Tech Enthusiast
Internet User
Personal Computers
TV / Movies / Video
Foreign Travel
Ocean / Beaches
Recreational Vehicle (RV) Travel
Travel – General
U.S. Travel
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Internet and Public Records


Age $5/M
Birth Month $5/M
Estimated Household Income $5/M
Marital Status $5/M
Gender $5/M
Head of Household $5/M
Home Value $5/M
Home Ownership $5/M
Housing Type $5/M
Investor Type $5/M
Number of Credit Cards $5/M
Mortgage type $5/M
Mortgage Interest Rate $5/M
Mortgage Amount $5/M
Mortgage Sale Date Range $5/M
Mortgage Sale Month $5/M
Length of Residence $5/M
Year Home Built $5/M
Household with Children $5/M
Household with Grandparents $5/M
Household with veterans $5/M
Hobbies/Interests $5/M
Ethnicity $5/M
Religion $5/M
Registered Voter $5/M
Political Party $5/M
Geography** $5/M

**city, county, state, ZIP, MSA, ZIP radius, SCF


File Split (each split) $25/F
Creative Services Inquire
Image Hosting Inquire
Email List Verification by FixMyList $10/M

Delivery Method

Via E-mail $50/F
FTP $50/F
Minimum Order 5,000

Bethesda List Center, Inc.
4938 Hampden Lane #182
Bethesda, MD 20814-2914
Tel: 301.986.1455
Fax: 301.907.4870

Terms and Conditions:

1) We believe the information in this list to be accurate and we do not guarantee its accuracy or the outcome of a campaign. 2) Stated prices on most lists are for one-time use only. Multiple use arrangements may also be available. 3) Commissions are paid to recognized brokers as well as advertising agencies at standard industry rates. 4) Lists will be shipped only to a bonded mail house or service bureau. 5) Prepayment is required on all first-time orders. Bethesda List Center also reserves the right to request prepayment on any order. 6) Purchase orders are required on all invoiced orders as well as payment in full is required within 30 days of an invoice. 7) Cancellation Policy: Mailing/Postal Lists: All cancellations must be made in writing prior to the posted mail date and are subject to a cancellation fee. Moreover, any cancellations after the posted mail date will not be honored. Email Lists (Released to Mailer/End User/List Renter): Cancellations are not honored. Hence, all sales are final. Email Transmission: Cancellations made after transmission are not honored. If the final transmission has not occurred and testing has begun a cancellation fee will apply consequently. 8) Bethesda List Center and/or the List Owner do not guarantee the outcome of any campaign and are not liable for any damages or loss sustained through the use of this list, nor for any special or consequential damages, and in no event shall our liability exceed the price of the list.