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Respiratory Therapists in the USA


Respiratory Therapists work under the supervision of an intensive care physician or pulmonologist.  Under the physician’s medical direction and supervision, they plan and implement a variety of therapeutic and diagnostic procedures for patients suffering from a wide range of heart and lung disorders.

Respiratory therapists are specialists in airway management.  They are responsible for establishing and maintaining the airway during management of trauma and/or intensive care.  They may also administer anesthesia for surgery or conscious sedation.

Respiratory therapists often are in charge of initiating and managing life support for people in intensive care units and emergency departments.  They are also responsible for stabilizing and monitoring high risk patients being moved by air or ground ambulance, and administering medications and medical gases such as asthma medication, oxygen, and anesthetic gases.

They are excellent prospects for a wide variety of offers that include (but are not limited to) medical equipment, publications, seminars and continuing education.

File updates continuously.  Date listed may not reflect file date.  Please inquire.

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