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Ranchers and Farmers Email List eUSA


New List! The list identifies independent farms and ranches. These managers and owners are responsible for the crops and animals.

These farms are highly mechanized and use the latest computer projections to track micro-climates, massive machinery that often replaces a large group of workers.
The materials needed to run a farm or ranch are many – from the obvious like machinery, gas, to pesticides, seeds and, increasingly, additional packaging materials as farms and ranches sell and package many more items for sale directly, or through wholesalers.

This list is good for a variety of offers such as insurance, real estate, farm and ranch equipment, livestock, feed and seed, computers, internet service and the like.

Multiply your success rate with a multi-channel campaign!
All email orders are subject to a cancellation fee if canceled after testing begins. Transmission fee includes up to 3 test messages.

Creative & hosting services are available. Please inquire for rates.

List updates frequently. Please inquire for the most up to date counts.

State $5/M
ZIP/SCF/Radius $5/M
Farm/Ranch Type $15/M
Email or FTP Delivery $50/F
Key Coding $5/M
Personalization $10/M
Split $50/F
Transmission $15/M
Suppression $100/F
Minimum Order5,000

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