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Nurse Practitioners in the USA


Nurse Practitioners are registered nurses who can diagnose and manage most common and many chronic illnesses. In some states they can prescribe medications as well.

These academic and clinically trained nurses are recognized for their work in health maintenance, disease prevention, counseling and patient education. The specialties where Nurse Practitioners are found include: neonatal, midwifery, pediatrics, school health, family and adult health, home care, geriatrics and acute care.

This list is recommended for: seminars and recruitment, books and publications, professional associations, professional offers, uniforms and other clothing, general business offers and the like.

File updates continuously. Date listed may not reflect file date. Please inquire.


Acupuncturist 174
Addiction Medicine 3,791
Adolescent Medicine 4,233
Adult Care 18,165
Aerospace Medicine 344
Allergist 75
Allergy Immunology 1,657
Anesthesiology 26,554
Audiology 25
Bariatrics 954
Cardiac Electrophysiology 2,154
Cardio Thoracic Surgeon 38
Cardiology 1,993
Cardiovascular Disease 5,918
Cardiovascular Surgeon 12
Child Neurology 692
Child Psychiatry 542
Chiropractor 1,502
Clinical Laboratory Immunology 102
Clinical Pathology 379
Clinical Pharmacology 19
Colon Rectal Surgery 595
Community Health 431
Critical Care Specialist 3,634
Cytopathology 327
Dermatology 2,753
Dermatopathology 296
Diabetes Specialist 144
Diagnostic Radiologist 2,683
Emergency Medical Technician 65
Emergency Medicine Specialist 14,021
Endocrinology 2,899
Endovascular Surgical Neuroradiology 31
Family Practitioner 76,087
Gastroenterology 4,017
General Practitioner 4,198
General Surgery 6,201
Genetics Specialist 810
Geriatrician 5,872
Gynecologic Oncology 850
Gynecology 2,195
Hand Surgery 1,270
Head Neck Surgery 472
Hematology 626
Hematology Oncology 3,261
Hepatology 260
Holistic Medicine 3
Home Health 50
Hospitalist 3,470
Immunology 1
Infectious Disease Specialist 2,992
Internal Medicine 33,308
Internal Medicine Pediatrics 79
Interventional Cardiology 2,904
Legal Medicine 443
Medical Oncology 1,827
Medical Toxicology 134
Midwife -
Neonatal Intensive Care 156
Neonatology 4,165
Nephrology 2,479
Neurology 10,744
Neuroradiology Specialist 459
Neurosurgery 1,770
Nuclear Cardiology 752
Nuclear Medicine Specialist 292
Nutrition 58
Obstetrics 7,503
Obstetrics Gynecology 13,366
Occupational Medicine Spec 3,552
Oncology 2
Ophthalmology 2,073
Optometry 2,676
Orthopedic Foot Ankle 1,534
Orthopedic Reconstructive Surgery 554
Orthopedic Spine Surgery 810
Orthopedic Surgery 3,972
Orthopedics -
Osteopathic Physician 437
Other Specialties 29,305
Otolaryngology 2,236
Pain Management Specialist 5,114
Palliative Medicine 1,771
Pathology 1,502
Pediatric Allergy 149
Pediatric Cardiology 547
Pediatric Critical Care 980
Pediatric Emergency Medicine 697
Pediatric Endocrinology 635
Pediatric Gastroenterology 500
Pediatric Hematology Oncology 730
Pediatric Ophthalmology 2
Pediatric Pulmonology 416
Pediatric Radiology 89
Pediatric Surgery 549
Pediatrics 24,477
Perinatal 95
Physical Medicine Rehab Specialist 3,319
Physician Assistant 2
Plastic Surgery 1,759
Podiatrist 2,615
Preventive Medicine Specialist 920
Primary Care 2,235
Psychiatry 15,786
Psychologist 8,069
Pulmonary Critical Care 122
Pulmonology 3,712
Radiation Oncology 1,338
Radiologist 3,007
Reproductive Endocrinology 713
Respiratory Therapist 187
Rheumatology 2,408
Sleep Medicine 1,172
Sports Medicine Specialist 2,290
Surgical Oncology 682
Thoracic Surgery 1,320
Transplant Surgery 224
Trauma Surgery 734
Urgent Care Specialist 33
Urology 2,325
Vascular Interventional Rad 849
Vascular Surgery 2,349
Womens Health Specialist 4,379
Wound Care 47
Gender $10/M
Specialty $10/M
Geography $10/M
Key Code$5/M
File Split $25/F
Delivery Method - ASCII format / Postal File Only
Via E-mail$50/F
FTP $50/F
Minimum Order5,000

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