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Medical Professionals Email List eUSA


New List!  Reach over 1 Million Doctors, medical and allied health professionals via email and direct mail. This file has over 30 medical professionals and allied health practitioners to select from. Select from a wide variety of selections such as Address Type, Income Range, License and Profession Type – to name a few.

Multiply your success rate with a multi-channel campaign!

Medical Professionals are well educated and can earn much more than the average. This means both business and up-market consumer offers are appropriate for this group.

All email orders are subject to a cancellation fee if canceled after testing begins.

Transmission fee includes up to 3 test messages.

Creative & hosting services are available.  Please inquire for rates.


Work TypeQuantity
Acupuncturists 990
Ambulatory Health Care Facilities 5,751
Case Managers/Care Coordinators 1,353
Chiropractic Providers 12,194
Dental Hygienists / Dental Assistants 51,743
Dentists 37,177
Dietitians/Nutritionists 1,946
Drug Prescribers 126,305
Emergency Medical Services Providers 8,492
Health Maintenance Organizations 365
Health Service Facilities Providers 1,871
Health Service Providers 53,538
Marriage / Family Therapists 1,749
Medical Office Managers 22,259
Medical Technicians 676
Mental Health Counselors 8,203
Microbiologists 2,738
Nurses 985,314
Nursing Home Administrators 6,001
Occupational Therapists 14,157
Optometrists 3,386
Pharmacists 76,945
Physical Therapists 36,985
Physician Assistants 7,080
Physicians 112,782
Podiatrists 562
Psychologists 6,484
Radiologic Technologists 38,436
Residential Treatment Facilities 534
Respiratory Therapists 30,850
Social Workers 7,102
Veterinarians 2,240
Address Type $5/M
Age $5/M
Gender $5/M
GEO $5/M
Home Value $5/M
Income Range $5/M
License Type $5/M
Marital Status $5/M
Number of Doctors $5/M
Profession Type $5/M
State $5/M
Key Coding $5/M
Keycode $5/M
Personalization $10/M
Split $50/F
Transmission $15/M
Suppression $100/F
Postal File Delivery Method
Email $50/F
FTP $50/F
Minimum Order5,000

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