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Association Executives in the USA


This newly issued list identifies key association and non-profit executives by name and organization. These trade associations and non-profit advocacy groups are key players in helping to shape government policy, raise money for various issues like health causes, education, religious and regional issues.

These individuals are decision makers for many products and services from buildings or office leases, to computer hardware and software, publications, public relations and advertising services, personnel hiring, office supplies and the like.

File updates continuously.  Date listed may not reflect file date.  Please inquire.

Please Note:  Sample copy of mail piece required for every order- rough drafts are acceptable

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Accounting Association 545
Architect Association 132
Athletic Organizations 2,864
Bankers Organization, Advisory Services 128
Bar Association 321
Chamber Of Commerce 4,415
Civic / Social Associations 16,696
Civic Associations 8,056
Collective Bargaining Unit 109
Community Affairs / Services 1,319
Dwelling-Related Associations 20,286
Education / Teacher Association 1,569
Employees Association 332
Engineering Association 230
Fraternal Associations 9,332
Growers Associations 507
Junior Chamber Of Commerce 68
Labor Union 2,754
Medical Field-Related Associations 3,163
Membership Organizations 47,960
Nonchurch Religious Organizations 2,200
Political Organizations 2,315
Professional Standards Review Board 714
Reading Rooms / Other Cultural Organizations 1,037
Regulatory Associations 966
Scientific Membership Association 212
Social Associations 4,412
Trade Associations 7,712
Trade Union 696
Youth Organizations 8,133
Direct Mail Government Records Phone Research
Direct Mail Government Records Phone Research
Job Title/Function$10/M
Employee Size$10/M
Sales Volume$10/M
Key Code$5/M
Phone Numbers $25/M
Delivery Method - ASCII format / Postal File Only
Via E-mail$50/F
FTP $50/F
Minimum Order5,000

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