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NEW LIST- Education Industry Professionals Email by eUSA!  This list includes educators and professionals across a wide variety of educational facilities.

Target schools from elementary to high school as well as colleges, universities and trade schools.

These professionals are well educated and great candidates for a wide variety of offers.  Both business and up-market consumer offers are appropriate for this group.

Multiply your success rate with a multi-channel campaign! These professionals are well educated and great candidates for a wide variety of offers. Both business and up-market consumer offers are appropriate for this group.

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Job Title/Function   (10.00/M)
Administrator 19,700
Board Member 5,570
Chairman 14,774
CEO 6,439
CFO 2,283
CMO 100
COO 2,782
CTO /CIO 2,395
Controller 2,151
Director 79,283
Educator 660,536
Engineering / Technical 30,596
Executive Officer 16,032
Finance Executive 41,017
General Manager 1,138
Government Professional 6,549
Human Resources Executive 14,257
Information Technology 82,121
International Responsibility 722
Library Professional 34,775
Manager 164,007
Manufacturing Executive 853
Marketing Executive 11,803
Office Manager 7,585
Operations Executive 14,260
Other Chief Officers 13,044
Other Contacts 755,475
Owner 19,173
Partner 7,857
President 27,140
Principal 2,832
Principal – Education 90,356
Professional 119,990
Public Relations / Social Media 13,847
Publisher/Editor 4,788
Purchasing 7,287
Religious Director 4,981
Sales Executive 6,967
Special Education Director 182
Special Education Teacher 2,785
Strategic Planning / Business Dev 8,478
Superintendent 8,885
Teacher 153,280
Vice President 13,872
Facility Type   (10.00/M)
Airline Training Schools
Art / Music Library
Art Instruction / Schools
Baton Twirling Instruction
Bible School
Business Educational Services
Business Schools
Ceramics Instruction
City Government Library
Colleges, Universities / Professional Schools
College or University Library
Community College Library
Cooking Schools
Craft Instruction
Data Processing Schools
Dental Schools
Dramatic Instruction
Driving Instruction / Schools
Driving Proficiency Test Services
Education Centers
Educational Cooperative Organizations
Elementary / Secondary Schools
Elementary Schools
Engineering Library
First Aid Instruction
Flying Instruction
General Interest Schools
Government Library
Home Schooling
Institutional Library
Instrumental Music Instruction
Junior Colleges / Technical Institutes
Junior High Schools
Knitting Instruction
Language Schools
Language Training Aids
Law Library
Law Schools
Library For the Blind
Library Network
Management Training
Massage Schools
Medical / Dental Assistants Schools
Medical Library
Medical Schools
Meditation Therapy
Military Library
Modeling Schools
Motivational / Self Improvement Training
Music / Drama Schools
Music Schools
Nurses Schools
Personal Development Schools
Photography Schools
Police Academies / Training
Preparatory Schools
Private Senior High School
Public Adult Education School
Public Elementary Schools
Public Library
Public School Districts
Public Speaking Instruction
Public Vocational or Technical School
Reading Improvement Instruction
Real Estate / Insurance School
Religious K-12 Schools
Religious Library
Safety Training
School / College Information
Schools / Educational Services
Schools for Blind
Schools for The Deaf
Science / Technology Library
Senior High Schools
Special Library
State Government Library
Student Exchange Programs
Theological Schools
Training Programs / Services
Truck Driving Instruction
Tutoring Services
Vocal Music Instruction
Vocational Guidance
Vocational Schools
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