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Test Email Subject Lines for Better Open RatesWhen email marketers are developing the best possible email subject lines to entice readers, it becomes crucial for them to test the email subject lines. Ten percent of the time, if they do not test the subject lines, there is a good chance that they could pick a subject line that underperforms by about forty-two percent. And according to the founder of Touchstone Intelligent Marketing, Dela Quist, email marketers must test more than two subject lines.

That being said, Quist’s company is completely rooted around the platform of testing emails so this research that was elaborated upon on LinkedIn does come from studies conducted by Touchstone Intelligent Marketing, as well as Persado, which is a writing platform of its own.

When detailing the research conducted by Touchstone, Quist explained the aforementioned statistic, as well as delving deeper into another statistic his company found that there is a thirty-three percent chance that the untested subject line chosen could underperform by twenty percent below the average of subject line effectiveness.

When testing only two subject lines, Quist acknowledged that the odds of success do increase, but it does not ultimately matter because if one subject line is poor and the other one is also poor, but slightly better, then it does not ultimately matter because both are poor products. The essential gist of Quist’s findings is that f you only give yourself two options for subject lines during testing, you are limiting your potential to have an above average subject line.

Alternatively, when testing three subject lines at the same time, the potential for success increases by seven percent as opposed to the increase of three percent towards potential success with two subject lines. Ultimately, though, a test of four different subject lines seems to be the most beneficial as the potential for success increases by thirty-three percent.

One particular example of email marketing and subject line testing that resulted in a gold mine of data came when Persado tested thirty-two different subject lines when doing marketing work for Air Canada. Their study returned a plethora of statistics, including that the opening of emails increased by forty-eight percent when the emotion of anxiety was emphasized in the subject line. Ultimately, emotion of any kind proved to be the most useful tactic in subject lines as the use of it proved to result in sixty percent more success than other tactics emphasized like safety, thankfulness, and the goal of piquing curiosity.

Some of these latter goals in the email subject lines proved more effective than others. For example, subject lines that emphasized gratitude were seen as statistically more viable than putting an emphasis on seasonal sales.

Additionally, the opening of the emails and the links inside the emails increased by over two hundred. Twenty percent when effective call-to-action phrases were used in the subject lines like, for example, “see deals.” Lastly, marketers must also be sure that they are constantly engaging and replenishing their subscribers so as not to grow stale among them.

So, marketers, how do you feel about these statistics? Do you believe they are accurate? Will you be employing them in your company? Sound off below!

Successful email marketing includes testing your subject lines. For further information on how to perform successful email subject line testing, contact the experts at bethesda-list.com