How to Verify an Email Address

Email marketing is incredibly tricky and the statistics that back up the process of email open rates and conversion rates are outstandingly poor. However, there are ways to market emails effectively to avoid spam and enter right into the eye of the one in charge of the inbox.

Here is a series of advice to help bolster your email marketing campaigns. We help you verify an email address to maximize your email list hygiene in marketing campaigns.

Helpful Email Verification Tips

Email list verification is crucial for all marketers in the digital age. The process of verifying an email address helps marketers avoid spam status for their content in the eyes of Internet Service Providers.

There are a number of steps that help you verify an email address for the optimal email list hygiene.

  1. Avoid bounce rates by evaluating the email addresses in your list. Use a service like FixMyList to help verify email addresses. This service removes invalid email addresses from your list to ensure email list hygiene.
  2. Use spreadsheets and lists of your email addresses to evaluate the list with your provider. Upon receiving the results, remove the unusable email addresses from your list.
  3. If you have some extra money in your budget, use the email verification service as often as you can to keep lists clean and increasing open rates by verifying email addresses!

Verify Your Own Email Address

Sender Policy Frameworks

It is just as important to verify your own email address in these processes of email list hygiene and to do so, you need to establish records of an SPF, which is also known as a Sender Policy Framework.

  • Prevent fake emails by adding your own email address to the SPF records.
  • Verify your mail servers and your addresses so your email addresses and domains will always be approved to send emails and marketing campaigns.
  • Verify newsletter services to avoid being marked as spam for all on your email list. This increases email deliverability.

To check your SPF records ahead of time, as they may already have been installed, use various tools like:

Verify and Authenticate Your Emails

Every day, more emails that are fathomable are sent globally and many Internet Service Providers use broad formulas to eliminate the fake email addresses. And just because you are not interested in scamming or spamming your email list, doesn’t mean that other people aren’t. These processes of watchful email filtering are important, but it’s also important that you verify your own emails as well as verifying email addresses in your list to complete email list hygiene processes.

Domainkeys Identified Mail Verification

To make sure your email address is not being wrongly persecuted, you can use Domainkeys Identified Mail Verification, or DKIM for short.

  1. DKIM verifies the owners of certain domains. It verifies the email addresses to make sure that all emails sent from that address are proper and permissible.
  2. They access the records of your domain name to verify a proven track record over time.
  3. DKIM verification processes verify your email addresses with an identifiable key that works as an access code for email servers to approve any emails you send from that particular domain name.
  4. This keeps email list hygiene maximized in both ends.

Why Should You Use DKIM Verification?

DKIM Verification is crucial for a number of reasons.

  1. ISPs are getting more finicky about the emails they allow so if yours are commercial, verification can go a long way.
  2. You can be labeled as a reputable sender.
  3. A good reputation from an ISP will ensure that your email deliverability rate is always close to one hundred percent.

Additionally, to keep your reputation in good standing, be sure to maintain standards of consistency. Do not disappear from your mailing lists because you may end up flagged as spam all over again. Keep things regular because even if you have an expansive email list, ISPs could still become strict in the way they handle your domains and email addresses.

Maintaining Email List Hygiene

Verifying your email addresses always works in tandem with establishing and maintaining good email list hygiene on both ends. Listed below are some useful tips for doing so.

  • If subscribers have stopped opening your emails, remove them from your list.
  • Initiate a process of two opt-ins.
  • Never purchase an email list. Always grow it from within.
  • Verify the emails that you receive, as well.

By keeping these practices consistent, you will establish your marketing campaigns as some of the best in email list hygiene and verifying email addresses.

To have successful email marketing campaigns, you must always make sure to verify your email addresses. Only then can you find your campaign on the road to immense success and email list hygiene. If you are interested in more information outside of this particular article on performing successful email list verification processes, then please contact us! We have experts waiting at the Bethesda List Center to help you with all your needs! Contact us Now!

David James

President, Bethesda List Center, Inc + Bethesda Emedia Marketing.