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In today’s scattered and vast world of marketing outreach for companies to connect their brands with millennials, old-fashioned strategies might actually be the way forward. Take a look at a number of hip, millennial-centric brands and the ways in which they’re accessing their targeted consumer base. They are using mailers and forms of direct mail, including catalogs, flyers, postcards, and more, which many predicted would be entirely irrelevant as recently as two years ago!

Direct mail is gaining in popularity again for a number of reasons. For one, direct mail and postal mail offers last a lot longer than emails do. With emails, they can be read and deleted (or entirely ignored) in a matter of seconds. However, studies show that the average duration of time that consumers spend with direct mail is over two weeks long.

This physicality is also important for directing the conversation around certain goods and services because households are much likelier to discuss physical mail than electronic mail. Postal mail offers always become a hot topic and this also results in them becoming more effective. On top of all that, postal mail offers will always leave more of a lasting imprint on the minds of consumers than emails do.

With millennials being targeted, as well, the old stigmas are dissipating around direct mail. Studies also show that youths do not see direct mail as junk and are, likewise, more likely to give it attention.

You definitely have to be careful that you are ensuring that direct mail and postal mail offers are being used by your businesses or your endeavors effectively and not in a way that alienates your customer base. That is why you have to start your direct mail campaign with the customers you already have a relationship with. Build up your direct mail campaign with people who will recognize your brand and not just dismiss it out of hand. There’s no way to get traction through that method.

Once you reach out to your existing customers, be sure to reach out to people who have reported being interested in your brand and postal mail offers. Compound this interest with proof that your potential customers are right to be interested in making your pieces of direct mail as noticeable and aesthetically pleasing as possible. Do the same with landing pages and email marketing campaigns so your customers will know that you take all facets of your business seriously.

Direct mail and postal mail offers are the type of email marketing subversions that will help take marketing and email campaigns to the next level, setting them apart from the competition entirely. Without direct mail and postal mail offers, your marketing campaigns will always be relegated to the realm of the average. If you’re interested in pursuing more information on successful direct mail endeavors, look no further than the Bethesda List Center. Experts are waiting to help you today and they will be able to provide you with a great deal more information. Reach out now! (

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