Increase Email Open Rates with Great Subject Lines

What are Open Rates in Email Marketing?

In terms of internet marketing “Open Rate” indicates how many commercial emails were opened within an email marketing campaign. The Open Rates are commonly expressed as a percentage.

Every day, the world sees the sending of over one hundred billion marketing-based emails that, if they go unchecked, can really hamper the ability for an individual to parse through their inboxes. There is such a large amount of content in the world of email marketing today. These companies demand impactful subject lines to garner reader attention enough for their emails to be opened. Gaining open rates is not always the easiest task in email marketing. But these tips below will help you craft the best possible email subject lines.

For one, the best subject lines are typically the ones that avoid sounding too stiff or professional. Email marketers should not shy away from adding levity or personal interactions to the email subject lines. Whether this comes in the form of humor or extending a hand of familiarity, open rates will undoubtedly be increased. It will increase as long as the email subject lines avoid being conventional.

The subject line can also be a good spot in email marketing for addressing pain points. If there is a common complaint among consumers, it can be beneficial to remark on these directly.

In addition to getting personal with your questions, as aforementioned, email subject lines should not be afraid to move away from rhetorical questions. They should feel free to ask questions that will truly value the opinions of the consumers and aim to actually hear their input on the various subjects.

Email subject lines can also increase open rates if they create a sense of importance to the email inside. There are two main ways of crafting this, including making a sense of urgency, as if the email is the most important thing in the inbox, or by developing a cliffhanger, to entice the consumers to continue reading further.

Include What’s Trending

Another worthwhile strategy for your email marketing campaign and the email subject lines included is to include the modern aspects of life and culture. On any given day, there will be trending videos on YouTube and trending hashtags on Twitter. So it can be worthwhile to include a reference to one of these topics. Because they’re often what people are buzzing about and could result in further email open rates. However, do not underestimate the ability of consumers to sniff out pandering or a gimmick. If there’s a trending topic that relates to your company and its goals, then great! But if there isn’t, then you definitely should not force it.

In your subject lines, you should also be careful with your diction and word choice. For example, just because some words are impactful for some companies, doesn’t mean they will be relevant to your business. You want to make sure your diction is connected directly to what you are advocating for in your campaigns. The subject lines are short and they have to grab your attention immediately. So that you have to make use of words. Don’t use anything irrelevant to your company. Also, don’t use any words that bring red flags to the reader that your email could be lumped in with spam.

Additionally, while companies certainly want open rates increased in their email marketing campaigns, they also want conversions. And if email subject lines are not honest to the consumer, it will be hard to win that trust back. Email marketing practices typically earn trust. So that you certainly should not aim to bombard the consumer with information. Keep your email subject lines clear and sharp.

If you find that you need some assistance in crafting these email subject lines with the goals in mind that were listed above, then there are a plethora of tools that will be perfect for companies to make use of.

Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer is a great tool for making sure your email subject lines are not too stiff. The service goes past analyzing statistical elements of the subject line and makes sure that the emotions are relevant and appropriate. This tool makes sure that the subject line is personal enough.

The Email Subject Line Grader is another great tool that works in conjunction with Spam Check to make sure that the copy is concise and clear and does not feel at all connected to spam emails. These tools also help provide you with advice on your email subject lines.

Follow these bits of advice and instill the values detailed in this article directly into your email marketing campaigns. You will undoubtedly increase your conversions and open rates. The copy is the most important part of any marketing campaign. And, as it exists here, will be truly crucial for the success of your campaign.

If you want to be competitive and successful in today’s modern climate of email marketing, then you’re going to have to make sure your email subject lines are exceptional and perfectly tailored to increasing the open rates of your emails. If you are interested in learning more about these subjects, you can reach out to Bethesda List Center where there are experts on hand who are ready to aid you in your quest.

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