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How to Write Email Content that Converts

Frequently, email marketing campaigns are well thought out and thoroughly researched, but despite this grand effort, they still receive nothing more than a quick glance. What has gone wrong with email content? How can those in control of email marketing campaigns ensure that there will be responses to these messages?

It’s not easy, but making sure that you have high-quality email content has to be one of the top concerns for those organizing email marketing campaigns. By having pitch perfect email content, leads will increase by the masses. Fortunately, there are a few steps that you can follow to best increase conversions that come from your email marketing and your email content.

Steps To Follow To Increase Conversions from your Marketing Campaign

  1. Get them hooked!

When email marketing campaigns reach consumers’ inboxes, they are frequently deleted or even reported. Do not allow your email marketing campaign to fall victim to audience disinterest. Set your email content apart from the get-go. Make sure your subject lines are as unique and as engaging as possible. That way, the audience will be unable to ignore your email and they might be interested in exploring further, as well.

  1. Do not use caps lock

Caps lock may seem like an effective strategy of email marketing at first glance, but it is actually a major red flag for your potential conversions. Your email content should be able to speak for itself without flashy exclamation points and large, bolded words. The content should be eye-catching without being in your face. Caps lock just makes it seem like you’re screaming at the people who you want to be your customers.

  1. Cut loose a little bit

If your email content is rigid and formal, then it’s going to be inaccessible to the people you’re targeting for conversions. Email marketing too often makes the eyes of potential customers glaze over. There’s no need to be boring on your sales pitches! Treat it conversationally and speak naturally to the customers. Not only will you be able to make them more comfortable through this method, but you will also be able to make your own email content more memorable.

  1. Appeal to emotions

In addition to making sure your email content gets the point of your marketing across clearly and with the potential of conversions, too, you can also appeal to the emotional sense of your potential customers. Just as you want your email content to be accessible to show that you are a human being, after all, so too can you treat the readers like human beings. You could always frame your email around the idea of FOMO, which stands for a fear of missing out. That way, the conversion will almost seem like a necessity. But you can also play to the emotions of people and what they interact within emails most frequently, including images and lots of colors.

  1. Make your email content personal

In addition to the appeal to emotional and personal natures of customers needed for effective email marketing strategies, you can also make yourself seem personal. Go the extra mile while making your email content engaging. Introduce yourself with your name rather than the name of a corporation. Potential customers are always more likely to engage with a human being over a business.

6. Structure your email like a website

When most people find themselves engaging with online marketing through websites, they tend to gravitate toward websites that are structured cleanly and sharply. Keeping information concise and understandable through the use of subheadings, lists, and low word counts are crucial. This strategy is very effective for websites so there is no denying that it could also be a key piece of your email content.

  1. Know whom you’re marketing to

Analyze your consumer targeted lists and the analytics of your email marketing strategies so you know who you are writing to with your email content. By knowing who you want to appeal to and who you have already succeeded at converting, you can better engage with the interests and demographics of your targeted audience.

  1. Look to others for inspiration

There is absolutely nothing wrong with evaluating the email marketing and content from other people and using some of the most creative strategies in your own email content. As long as you’re not plagiarizing anyone’s work, there’s nothing wrong with taking inspiration from others!

  1. Use online tools

There are many websites and tools that will help you on the Internet to make sure your copy is as concise and clear as can be. They will check for grammar and word efficiency. There are also some that will evaluate the quality of your SEO writing and will estimate the conversions you should expect!

To have the most effective email marketing campaigns, you have to make sure your email content is always on the cusp of conversion. If you are searching for even more information on the best methods of email marketing and curating high-quality email content, reach out to the Bethesda List Center today where there are plenty of experts on the subject just waiting to help you! (

David James

President, Bethesda List Center, Inc + Bethesda Emedia Marketing.