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Certified Public Accountants CPA in the US

Reach certified public accountants (CPA’s). To become a CPA, it is necessary to have a degree in accounting and pass a state administered examination. CPA’s range from Chief Financial Officers in the 500 largest companies to a sole practitioner advising small businesses. CPA’s are experts in taxes, bookkeeping, accounting methods/principals and controls, and corporate finance.

ERISA- Employee Benefit Plan Administrators in the US

This list identifies ERISA – Employee Benefit Plan Administrators – for companies large and small. These decision-makers can decide in their role as fiduciary, whether to commit the retirement funds to a mutual fund like Fidelity or Merrill Lynch and determine basic practices under Federal guidelines. In some cases, the amount being administered is quite large, like at a Fortune 500 type company.

Family, Marriage and Other Counselors in the US

Reach registered and licensed counselors in the United States. These fee paying counselors are responsible for everything from substance abuse to marriage counseling. These registered and licensed counselors must be a graduate of an accredited counseling program, pass exams, work with an established practitioner for several years, and then pass a final exam.

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Notaries / Notary Public in the US

This list reaches many of the Notary Publics in the country. A Notary is empowered to put a person under oath so that the document they are signing is attested to as being true. A Notary is commonly used on documents used to purchase a house or car. When you think of Notaries, think small office/home office (SOHO) and medium sized businesses generally. Think of the person you used the last time you needed this important task done.

Lawyers by Specialty in the US

Formerly Lawyers in the US. This is believed to be the most comprehensive list of lawyers, corporate counsel and judges available today. This list is drawn from numerous sources including state and local bar associations membership lists, Legal Conventions, Continuing Legal Education (CLE) and seminar attendance lists, Federal and state professional licensing boards.

Social Workers in the US

Social Workers are the eyes and ears of their clients. They help to obtain services, provide counseling and therapy, and help groups or communities overcome social or health issues. Among the specialized fields social workers are found in are: adolescent health, aging, diversity and equality, HIV/AIDS and conflict resolution without violence. Generally, a college degree in social work is required. Specialties require additional training at either the Master’s or Doctoral level.