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Consumers USA Postal and Email List

115,000,000+ 9,000,000+ 9,000,000+ Postal Base Email Base Transmission Email Base Released $75/M $125/M $275/M Consumer Database Now Avaialble at Bethesda List Center! Many offers are direct to consumer.  The data specialists at Bethesda List Center offer a comprehensive group of Consumer Specific databases. We work with a variety of sources that are constantly updated, verified, corrected and enhanced. The result is you get the best possible residential prospect list – whether it’s an email list or postal (snail mail) list. Working with the data specialists at Bethesda List Center lets you draw upon the knowledge of experts.  The lists and the almost limitless selections available can be overwhelming for even experienced list buyers.  Having an experienced guide can save you time, money and aggravation. Among the selections available are:  geography, home value, and home ownership, new homeowners, pre-movers,  presence of children, adult age, gender, income, lifestyle (think golfers, pet owners, donors, mail order buyers, etc), hobbies, interests and voter information,  these proven lists can help you reach your target audience. If you need to update your own database with postal verification, social media overlay, email address, and other services, contact us. Your Consumer promotion can start by contacting Bethesda List Center to discuss your offers. Cost Guide /M = per thousand records /F = flat rate Base Rates (minimum order applies to base if your total falls below it) Postal - 1-time use mailing list Email Transmission - You supply materials and tests are sent. Once tests are approved the email will be transmitted on your requested date and time. Reports available within 2-3 business days Email Release - The list is released to you for one year lease.  Released email lists include postal data Other [...]

Washington Lobbyists from Columbia Books

Washington Lobbyists from Columbia Books is a phenomenally accurate and up-to-date list of the people who directly influence government policies and legislation. This is drawn from Washington Representative, published by Columbia Books. Columbia Books is a top publisher of government guides and directories and its information is always accurate and reliable.

Education Industry Professionals Email eUSA

NEW LIST- Education Industry Professionals Email by eUSA! This list includes educators and professionals across a wide variety of educational facilities. Target schools from elementary to high school as well as colleges, universities and trade schools. These professionals are well educated and great candidates for a wide variety of offers. Both business and up-market consumer offers are appropriate for this group.


Construction Industry Professionals Email eUSA

Reach the Construction industry. This list is comprised of a wide of specialties involving construction. Executives and other decision makers are available on this list that identifies several different construction specialties. These areas run from Heavy Construction, to Electrical to Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning to name a few.

Facilities Managers and Directors Email eUSA

New List! Reach Facilities Managers & Directors via email, direct mail & phone! Facilities Managers and Directors handle two areas – “space and infrastructure which covers planning, design, construction, maintenance, furniture and other parts. The second is People and Organization. This deals with human resources (HR), accounting, marketing, hospitality.