Customer Loyalty – Content for Success

For brands to succeed, they have to embrace the loyalty of their customers. Singular shoppers are fine, but brand succeed when they have customers returning repeatedly and this is largely achieved through excellent customer service. Almost every relevant study draws the connection between customer service and customer loyalty.

But how can brands define what it is that makes customer experience so great? For one, it occurs when brands put the customer first. Treating the customer intelligently and with respect is crucial. One never wants to make the customer feel dumb, instead, the goal is to edify and convenience the consumer while also equipping them with the knowledge he, or she, is seeking.

However, this is a concept that has been altered in recent years with the advent of digital consumerism. As more and more brands are focused online, customer service has to be showcased differently. Through visual guides, blogging, and content that is overall motivating to the customer, digital brands can increase customer loyalty through these forms of content marketing.

Content Marketing Tools You Need To Be Successful

There are various types of websites that are rooted in the realm of content marketing. For one, there is the traditional commerce platform that replicates a catalog and is very straightforward. With this, customers receive no experience outside of strictly shopping. Secondly, narrative commerce platforms embrace a wide variety of content marketing tools, including blog articles and landing pages. This platform engages the customer, but it does not specialize him, or her. Lastly, the digital experience platform is the one closest to achieving customer loyalty because it does not view the experience through a limited scope of content marketing where the customer must follow one select method of website exploration. Instead, the entire experience envelops the customer while personalizing their experience and making it as convenient as can be. Before you embrace this platform, though, there is much to consider.

For one, you have to be okay with patience. It is unequivocally required to be patient when you are producing content for your customers to experience. To cultivate the best in customer loyalty, you have to understand that not everything you produce is going to work. You have to be able to stay loyal to your customers as you want them to be loyal to you. This way you can solve your problems while retaining their attention.

You also have to keep an open mind with your content marketing, just as you have to be patient with it. The same way that customer service used to mean something entirely different before the digital world took hold of content marketing, so too can it completely change on a dime. The world of commerce can shift drastically and if commerce arrives at your organization in an unexpected way, be open to this and learn how to harness these new customers.

Positive Attributes for Success

Ultimately, content marketing takes some time to snowball into customer loyalty. But if you build your commerce around it properly and with patience and an open mind, the customers will come. And it’s up to you to keep them loyal. To learn more about these concepts, I invite you to explore

David James

President, Bethesda List Center, Inc + Bethesda Emedia Marketing.