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BLC has been helping staffing agencies and employers reach prospective candidates for their recruitment offers since 1992.

Are you an employment agency or employer looking to hire?  A targeted email or mailing list is the answer to your staffing needs.  Lists are a great way to directly contact new candidates for your open positions.

Business Lists:  A business list allows you to reach individuals by specific demographics.

Some of the target demographics include:

  • Industry
  • Job Title/Function
  • Geographic Areas (state, ZIP, County, SCF, radius, etc)
  • Company Size

Consumer Lists:  Target individuals by age, income, geography, education level, hobby or interest, political party, causes and donations, gender, as well as recent college graduates!

Where do our lists come from?

  • Association Memberships, Buyers, and Prospects
  • Detailed Professional Research
  • Opt-in Mailing Lists
  • Government Data and other sources
  • Publication and/or Magazine Subscribers

Whether you are looking for mailing lists or email lists, our highly skilled direct marketing team works with you to meet your needs.

If you are unable to find the lists you are looking for, consider BLC’s custom research.  We can build and maintain a database of prospects, customers, or influencers for you based on your requirements.  We can also append data and enhance your own current mailing lists.   BLC handles all the research!

Bethesda List Center specializes in lists for recruitment of a wide variety of specialties such as:

Home Address Lists (Great for Recruitment!):