Email Validation

The Importance of Email List Hygiene

Email marketing strategies are rooted entirely in concepts of email databases and email list hygiene is very important for active marketing campaigns. After all, businesses can only have successful email marketing campaigns if their email databases are soundly comprised of recipients who are receptive to email marketing campaigns. And email databases can only be comprised [...]

The Importance of Email List Hygiene2021-07-16T16:19:34+00:00

How to Verify an Email Address

Email marketing is incredibly tricky and the statistics that back up the process of email open rates and conversion rates are outstandingly poor. However, there are ways to market emails effectively to avoid spam and enter right into the eye of the one in charge of the inbox. Here is a series of advice to [...]

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How the Internet is Changing Email Validation for Online Marketing

Email validation while someone is signing up for a membership or a list and email list cleaning after the fact have always been two sides of the same email marketing security and efficacy coin. As spammers and automated bots become more technologically advanced and sneaky, so too must the methods in place for individuals and businesses to check email address information online.

How the Internet is Changing Email Validation for Online Marketing2021-07-15T19:56:42+00:00
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