Email Marketing and How to Introduce Yourself

If you have been wondering about how you can make a good first impression on your prospects then there are a few things you need to do in order to achieve a great impression for yourself. When talking about an email campaign, putting up a great first impression is highly important. If your introduction is perfect then your impression in front of your prospects is immediately catapulted to the zenith and you set yourself apart from the competition.

So, in order to shine with your email introductions, you need to go through the ways that can help you generate great results in the best way possible. Before you finally send that first email for a successful email campaign, you must do some prep work and be prepared for the progress.

These are the email marketing tips you need to follow in order to introduce yourself with through your email transmission, along with a few suggestions on what not to say.

1. Do not opt for a boring start or a subject line that is deceptive

If you wish to turn your prospects positive then you need to stop using all those negative subject lines. What you can do is use subject lines that garner your prospective customer’s interest. Asking questions that generate interest negatively is not the way you should choose.

2. Don’t tell them that they are lucky to be in touch with you

Do not tell your target reader how grateful they should be that you’ve struck a conversation with them through an email. The conversation is not about you, your clients, and your company. It is about them. Do not tell your prospects that they stand a chance to benefit greatly with your services. Instead, you need to acknowledge the busy schedule of your prospects and thank them for hearing you out by using better, more attractive phrases. Focus on the accomplishments of your prospect’s instead of your own, and ask them about their success story. Try to learn more about it. This way they’d be more interested

3. Getting tagged as a stranger is never a good idea.

Isn’t it kind of strange to receive an email with a boring subject line from a person you don’t know? Well, it actually is weird as nobody opens an email from a stranger especially when it has an uninteresting subject line. You don’t have to be that stranger who sends weird emails with even weirder content. What you need to do instead, is take lead from publicly shared information and build conversation with the help of that information.

4. Developing a vague connection is a strict no.

The kind of people who start conversation with a phrase like, “Hello Stella, I just noticed we both have cousins who went to X School in California 15 years ago,” or something like that are a definite turn off. However, if you have an actual referral or close connection then what you can do is ask that person to make an introduction.

5. Don’t make it a lengthy thriller story with climax at the end.

In an email campaign, do not approach your prospect with a lengthy history of your company. Your prospective clients do not need to know your name or what you do as they can simply search for it over the internet. Really they don’t. So, stop beating around the bush with all that nonsense and go straight to the point. Make the conversation interesting for your prospects by introducing how your company can help and who you are in a much more relevant way.

6. Stop saying their name repeatedly.

If you use your prospective clients’ name too much in the email, it makes the email less attractive and more boring. So, the one thing you can’t do is use the name of your prospect again and again. You should speak conversationally, instead. Use their name as sparingly as possible and do not refer to it throughout the conversation, unnecessarily.

7. Stop sounding desperate or a bit threatening.

If your introductory email sounds desperate due to you being in really bad shape, then it is high time to reconsider your approach towards selling. Keep it simple. Tell your prospect how they’ve achieved so much without any help so far and how you can help them further this growth. That’s it.

8. You kill your email campaign the moment you deviate from a template.

A stale template is easily recognizable by everyone. A prospect will know when the salesperson isn’t really interested about their pain points, goals, or business. You can’t be that salesperson. You cannot go on and simply swap in a contact’s name or job title in order to create multiple email templates for different email campaigns. You need to make a personalized approach. That way you have better chances of reaping high results.

Apart from all of the above make sure you take a few minutes to review your email introductions and try on a new approach from time to time. You’d definitely be surprised with all the results.

David James

President, Bethesda List Center, Inc + Bethesda Emedia Marketing.