5 Tips for Your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

Revamp your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy with these 5 Easy Steps 

LinkedIn has gained momentum in recent years, as a networking tool for professionals. Not only is this one of the best social media platforms for individuals, it has become the primary location for B2B companies to communicate. There is a significant presence of influential individuals on LinkedIn. Similarly,those in charge of major decisions for business also frequent the site.Furthermore, proper use of LinkedIn marketing strategy can increase the success of your company. Review and implement the five steps to make the most of your marketing strategies:

1. Optimization is Key

 There is no substitute for content that makes use of keyword accuracy. Complex algorithms determine where sites fall in the search line-up. First of all, do a little research with various keywords and phrases to see what comes up the search. Consequently, choose keywords that represent the core purpose of your business. These need to be added into information-rich content for guests to learn from. Your LinkedIn page needs to offer links to the company website, as well. Above all, your site can be better advertised if your employees agree to add links on their personal pages. This raises the chances of bringing in new interest.

2.Create a Group

 Social media is notorious for group chat options. Friends and family can have full conversations on these with more than one person at a time. It’s the internet equivalent of hanging out at the coffee shop. Many people dismiss this option on LinkedIn, or do not know it exists. A group on LinkedIn should include employees, vendors, and customers. This helps to improve communication for all areas of your business. LinkedIn has the added options for advertising your group, group management assignment, and direct messaging.

3.Determine Company Goals and Audience

 Many pages on LinkedIn are too vague, leaving visitation to chance. Therefore, there needs to be a definitive plan that maps out the main goal of the company. Most products and services aim a certain audience. These are often defined by gender, age, and interests. Once you have decided on these items, add relevant keywords to attract the right people. For example, if your business offers team building support, your page needs to be attractive to managers of large employee groups. Hence keywords and content need to be altered to show up in a search by this type of person.

4.Content Relevance

 Many people become flustered when they are first forming the company page on LinkedIn. This often leads to a poor content formation. It is rather important to think about the content the page. Also, it needs to be relevant to your company and the interests of your audience. Referring to the example of team building services again, relevant content might be something like recent statistics of company performance after team building activities. Your content needs keywords optimization, and show that you are an expert in your field. You can write it yourself, or hire a professional with SEO experience. Furthermore, keep an eye out for relevant news, share positive reviews of your business, or employees share their experiences to add a little something extra.

5.Form an Interesting Company Page

 You want to generate enough interest on you LinkedIn page to encourage visitors to visit your website, as well. Think of this page as a mini version of your regular company page. Be sure to include pertinent information about what your offer. Think about questions that customers and clients may ask. Add content that addresses these possible queries. Also, incorporate your logo as the profile picture to help people recognize the brand. Likewise, the common information added to these pages also includes the link to your company site, employee information, and job listings. Furthermore, make the page aesthetically pleasing with graphics and videos, as well. Another way to gain followers is by inviting employees, customers, and vendors.

6. Making your page a success

A successful LinkedIn page is almost always built with your customer base in mind. First of all, you can follow many of the same relevancy and optimization rules that also work on your regular company website. These include relevant content, keyword optimization, and attention to the audience. Also, like any social media site, LinkedIn works to bring people and companies together. LinkedIn market staretgy can certainly be an excellent catalyst to boost your sales and networking potential.

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David James

President, Bethesda List Center, Inc + Bethesda Emedia Marketing.