How to Use Email Signatures for Marketing

Email signatures may not be thought of as the best form of marketing to generate income for your business or company, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Recent research has shown that the best place to input a call to action CTA banner is directly below the employee email signature.

A recent Hubspot study looked at over 1,000 email marketing campaigns, totaling over 205,000 clicks in the fiscal year of 2017.  Sigstr’s 120 top performing customers provided the result. The customers in the study sent their marketing campaigns to their customers, as well as their contacts and stakeholders. According to the announcement,  a mixture of analytics reviewing performance and EyeQuant eye tracking testing provided the study results.

ABM Email Signatures CTA Banners

In this study, it was found that placing a CTA banner below the employee signature on marketing emails offered the best results.  According to Sigstr, these results will improve even more further into 2018 as the technology progresses, since it only originally came out in the summer of 2017.

Sigstr’s ABM functionality quickly became the best-performing type of email signature deployment in just a six-month time span. This further proves that consumers were happy with the transition from generic, non-personalized messaging to ABM messaging.

The report states that the more relevant the content is, the higher the engagement will be. Basically, there are two ways of achieving high CTR. First, creating CTA banners with tailored messaging for individuals. Second, getting recipients to similar landing pages. In this study, Sigstr’s customers utilized CTA banners “sender-based” messages as well as internal emails. Those emails include messages sent by marketing teams to a company’s customers.

Product and Event Promotion

Email CTA banners hold endless opportunities for marketers. However, adding CTA banners featuring product under employee email signatures results in the best engagement ratings from recipients. The second most effective method found in the study were CTA banners promoting an event.

Design Matters

Simply inputting the correct content into CTA banners and email signatures isn’t enough, according to Sigstr. Dimensions, colors, and buttons of CTA banners play a role when reviewing engagement and success rates. For instance, purple preformed the best out of any color used in the background of CTA banners.

Photography provides the most impressive engagement rates reported from any type of CTA banner. Many marketers use illustrations instead of photographs, but this study proves that they are much less effective. Shorter, wide design options are more highly rated for deciding on a dimension for a CTA banner.

Overall, personalization of content leads to successful email marketing. The first step in personalization is having an email list that best fits the content or product you’re marketing. As a matter of fact, you know how to successfully use email signatures for marketing. Having a great customer list to send your marketing messages to is obviously the next step. By utilizing Bethesda List Center, you can see the benefits of using a list professional before sending out your marketing messages. Contact one of the experts at Bethesda by visiting the website, ,  to see how their services can improve your marketing messages.

David James

President, Bethesda List Center, Inc + Bethesda Emedia Marketing.