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Should you Rent or Purchase Postal and Email Lists?It is common these days that businesses are confused over whether they should be purchasing or renting postal and email lists. It’s true that direct mail marketing is one of the most effective ways to boost an advertising campaign but most companies often don’t have enough time to generate postal and email lists with a large quantity by themselves.

Bethesda List Center – Business Lists

You need the mail list services of Bethesda List Center (BLC).  BLC is a company that understands the “in’s and out’s” of direct mail campaigns, mailing list rental and mailing list purchases. Even simple list orders can become long and complex without an expert to guide you through the process.

Why Rent Postal and Email Lists

Many businesses have found it useful to use Email for their previous customers and well-qualified prospects. Otherwise, postal mail is the only way to be sure to reach your prospective clients. Unless the offer makes to the prospect, everything else is useless.

These days, spam filters and additional software cannot guarantee that your Email arrives. In 2012, the Email company, ReturnPath estimated that about 20%, or more, of ALL Email just disappears. No trace, just gone. A major part of your campaign never gets a chance to respond because they do not get the offer.  Then consider the filters – so the number is much high – perhaps as much as 40-50% of all Email just does not reach the intended person.

Can you expect half a list to produce all your profits?

Therefore, in such a scenario rent mail lists would be better option. We provide the lists or contacts of people who have accepted or agreed to receive email, advertising content and newsletters from us. It allows our customers to generate huge sales out of extremely hot leads with complete ease.

Our rent mail lists are divided into specific categories and in the same way our recipients are. You can choose our target audience by choosing your category type and thus reach only those interested.

Business Lists – Why us

Our Business-to-Business rental lists are categorized into, job profiles, gender, geography, Job Title/Job Function, Company Size, Revenue, etc so that our customers can easily expect the potential outcome. We are recognized for our attention to detail. We work with you to identify the best possible prospects. Our goal, put simply, is to make sure your offers land in the hands of the best possible prospects.

If you are a business with little experience or use postal direct mail often,   you will find Bethesda List Center’s experts helpful.

Identifying and Ordering Lists is what Bethesda List Center does. Our list experts craft the process for  your ease and maximum benefit.

  • Get access to over 60,000 list sources. Pick and choose from response lists to lists designed to blanket a market.
  • We work with you to find the data or leads that will be best make your sales case. .
  • Let us help you get your campaigns in order. We not only identify and order lists, but we work with you to say which lists worked. Find those lists that are part of the “Magic 20%” who are buyers who can and may buy the more expensive and more profitable products and services.

Business Lists - Bethesda List CenterWe are the source many associations, medical organizations, and businesses use to rent postal and email lists.  Choosing Bethesda List Center has a positive impact of your direct mail marketing campaign.